How to Grab Deals on Refurbished Apple Products Before Anyone Else
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Scaling the walls into Apple’s walled garden can take deep pockets. But the unique thing is that Apple’s products hold their price well.

You might get fazed when you enter a sleek Apple store and spot the price tags on some of the latest iPhones, iPads, and Macs. But did you know that there’s a way to get them for less without selling your stamp collection? Buy refurbished.

There’s a big parallel market of refurbished electronics around the world. Companies like Apple also sell their own with an “official” stamp. You just have to browse through their catalog of Certified Refurbished models. There is a wide selection on offer with the promise of almost newness.

But new or old, the same laws of prudent purchase apply. The official Apple shop might not give you the best deal. This is where a discount tracking website like helps you save even more money. is a comparison search engine to find the lowest price on a spruced-up computer, tablet, or phone from Apple.

Swoop Down on the Best Deals is cleanly organized. Land on the site and you can use the filters to see all the refurbished MacBook’s, Macs, iPads. You can use filters like model year, availability, refurbished condition, seller, and savings among other things. Check the discounts and deals.


Clicking on a selection shows you more information at a glance. For instance, the Price History is an indicator of the stability of the resale value of the gadget. You can set up a price alert for the model of your choice but do note that inventory may be limited by demand.


You can also target an entire category with a price alert or use specific filters to set up specific alerts. The notifications are helpful because the best refurbished Apple products tend to disappear fast. So, you would want to check your inbox and jump ahead of everyone.

Are Used Apples Just as Sweet?

Apple commands a solid resale value and you just need to keep a few rules of buying used Apple products in mind. A site like offers you a few more places to scoop the best deal.

Have you ever bought a used Apple computer or phone? Were you happy with the discount and the quality? Share your best buying tip below.

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