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Grab an Additional 17% Off For New Years On Cloud Storage, VPNs, and More

MakeUseOf Deals 09-01-2017

It’s officially a week into 2017! We’ve made it through all the New Year celebrations. We’ve cemented our resolutions (or given up on them already), and we’re ready to dive head first into what life has to offer in the upcoming year!


Speaking of offers, we have a really good one on MakeUseOf Deals right now. With the promo code MAKENEW17, you can get 17% off just about everything on the store. Whether you want to save on a new VPN subscription, a Raspberry Pi starter kit, 1TB of Cloud storage, or just about anything else you can think of, you’ll find it there.

Note: Some exclusions apply to the 17% off.

Here are just some of the best-selling deals that are eligible for the extra discount. These are the services that MakeUseOf readers were all over in 2016, and if you missed the boat, now is the perfect time to get on board!

PureVPN: Lifetime Subscription

PureVPN checks off every single box that VPN shoppers look for. It’s easily one of the most feature-packed services on the market, and on top of all the security features, it promises to be the “World’s Fastest VPN,” so you won’t have to deal with a huge loss of speed while browsing the web and downloading large files.



Logging is one of the first things you should worry about as a VPN shopper, and PureVPN is aware of this. Thankfully, you can rest easy knowing that the things you do while connected to the service won’t be logged (though we don’t encourage you to do anything illegal). Here’s the company’s policy on the matter:

We do not log any user activity (sites visited, DNS lookups, emails etc.) We only log access attempts to our servers (for security and troubleshooting).”

You can also use P2P services with PureVPN, but it is limited to certain servers. Presumably, this is how they are able to keep that title of “World’s Fastest VPN,” since they keep servers open without P2p traffic. Still, if you want to use torrents, you’ll be able to!

Speaking of servers, PureVPN has over 550 servers in 141 countries across 6 continents, so you can connect around the world depending on your needs!

Buy: PureVPN: Lifetime Subscription $69 $57.27 with code MAKENEW17


Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution

When it comes to discounts on cloud storage, this is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen. Normally this much space in the cloud is available for such a low price because it’s all cold storage. That means you can’t get access to your files on-demand, but rather you’ll need to wait a few hours. With Zoolz, though, you get 500GB of instant storage for the files you want all the time, and 500 GB of cold storage that you can get to in 3-5 hours for the stuff you want to keep, but don’t need to access regularly.


There are some other really useful features with Zoolz. Check them out:

  • Scheduled backups make sure all your files are there without you thinking about it
  • Throttle your bandwidth so the backup doesn’t eat all your Internet speed
  • Files stored at multiple facilities on many devices for retention and safety

Buy: Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution $39 $32.37 with code MAKENEW17


SelectTV by FreeCast: 1-Yr Subscription

If you’re looking for a service that’ll put all of the free TV on the Internet in one place, this deal is for you. Rather than needing to dig through the deepest darkest depths of the Internet to find what you want to watch, this puts it all right there.


Take a quick peek at the numbers to see what you’ll find on SelectTV:

  • TV shows, movies, live channels, radio stations & more from over 150 countries
  • 300,000+ TV episodes (250,000 included with subscription)
  • 200,000 movies (10,000 included)
  • 5,000 curated channels, with the latest episodes from top networks
  • 50,000 world radio stations

Basically, this subscription makes it feel more like you’re flipping through the channels on a traditional cable box, which is the way most people are accustomed to consuming their content. Plus, it means you can spend less time looking for the things you want to watch and more time actually watching.


Buy: SelectTV by FreeCast: 1-Yr Subscription $24 $19.92 with code MAKENEW17

The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

This bundle comes with everything you need to start making the most of a Raspberry Pi. To start with, it comes with the Pi itself. It also includes all the cables and accessories you’ll need to actually use the Pi properly. Alone, these are both valued at $80! Here’s what’s including in the awesome accessories kit:

  • Raspberry Pi Black Enclosure
  • 8 GB SD card with Raspbian OS preinstalled
  • 5V 2.1A Power Adapter
  • Micro USB Cable with Switch
  • 1 meter HDMI Cable
  • USB to TTL Serial Cable
  • 1 meter Ethernet Cable
  • WiFi USB Adapter
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wireless USB Adapter
  • Quick Starter Kit Guide


Basically, you’ll be able to take the Pi and accessories out the box and start using it right away.

Things get really awesome with the courses that are included. Sure, you can install Kodi on the Pi and use it as a media center, but where things get really interesting is when you start using it for all kinds of tinkering and projects. You’ll learn about how to use the Pi with all of your Internet of Things devices. There’s a course on using it for ethical hacking. You’ll even learn how to make a Pi-powered robot! There are six classes in total, so you’re going to learn a lot!

Buy: The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit $99 $82.17 with code MAKENEW17

Brain.fm: Lifetime Subscription

Do you have problems focusing? Do you get distracted… oh look a bird. Sorry, what was I trying to say again? Oh right, distractions while working. They happen!


Brain.fm is a service that’s designed to help you keep that focus locked and loaded at all times. It uses AI and a wealth of neurological research to stream the best background music for studying, sleeping, or relaxation. That means you don’t need to waste time deciding what to listen to. Just launch it and stop slacking off.

Buy: Brain.fm: Lifetime Subscription $39 $32.37 with code MAKENEW17

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