goSnipe: Increase Your Chances To Win eBay Auctions

MOin 21-06-2010

When you place a bid on eBay, other people can see it. In turn, they make a higher bid. This circle keeps on going until the auction’s time limit expires. To get the item, you have to be glued to your eBay account till the very end. goSnipe provides a brilliant solution to this inconvenience.


win ebay auctions

goSnipe is a service currently in beta. It makes the painful process of eBay bidding much easier. You are given a bookmarklet to add to your bookmarks toolbar. When you are about to place a bid on eBay, click on this bookmarklet instead and enter your highest bid in the resulting window. goSnipe will then monitor the item’s auction and place your bid in the last minute thereby greatly increasing your chances of getting the item.

In addition to saving a lot of your time, goSnipe provides an added feature of auction grouping: you can group auctions together so that if one is successful, bidding for others gets automatically cancelled.

winning ebay auctions

winning ebay auctions



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  1. Anonymous
    July 26, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    Are you experiencing this before or after you've created an account? We haven't heard of this issue before (we display the data we get directly from eBay), but this is definitely a concern for us!

    Please get in touch with us directly at

  2. Anonymous
    July 26, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Gave it a look, and tried an item I would be interested in. (RDR XBOX) Found a listing said, 2D11H left, went to Ebay and actually its 9D11H left.

    If they can't get the time left right, how are they supposed to manage bidding? meh...