GoogleTranslateTools: Translate Your Site Using Google
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Google Translate tools offers some cool translation tools for both webmasters and the average internet user who wants to read webpages in different languages. The three tools offered by this service are Google’s website translator, translation bookmarklets and the translation feature in Google toolbar. The website translator lets you translate your site by creating a drop down translation widget. It generates a snippet of code that can be easily added to the site.

translate your site

The next is translation bookmarklets for a huge number of different languages. Just drag them to your browser toolbar and click when you need to translate a page. And finally, Google toolbar’s translation feature which isn’t new. Overall, some nice tools, especially for those whose first language isn’t English.

translate website using google


  • Translate your website using Google.
  • Includes Google’s website translator, translation bookmarklets and the toolbar.
  • Add Google translation to your site using the website translator.
  • Use bookmarklets and the Google toolbar to quickly translate pages and words.
  • Free and simple to use.

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