Google’s AR Game Ingress Now Open To All & Will Drop Beta Tag Soon

Mihir Patkar 05-11-2013

It has been a year since Google first introduced the world to Ingress, its augmented reality video game When Reality Is Too Dull: A Look At Alternate Reality Games Alternate Reality Games are a curious subculture that attempts to bring the concepts of gaming into the real world. Does this mean running around an industrial complex with water pistols? Not quite. The game nomenclature... Read More launched exclusively on Android. Until now, players needed an invitation code to get the app and the team at Niantic Labs was squashing bugs in the beta phase. But all that is ending soon.


First, Niantic is dropping the invitation code requirement, so now anyone with an Android device can download the game in its beta avatar and try it out.

Ingress is also dropping the ‘Beta’ tag on December 14 and launching as a stable version. And there’s good news for those who have been playing the game all along: any played who becomes a Level 5 Agent by that date will qualify for a special achievement!

Finally, the The Ingress Elite V challenge is now a go. “From November 4 through the culmination of Operation #13MAGNUS on Saturday, December 14, all Ingress Agents will be eligible to participate in this challenge to identify the five (5) most elite Agents from around the world,” Niantic Labs said in its Google+ post, which has more details about the challenge.

Ingress is an augmented reality game AR Games: Is This The Future of Gaming? The buzz behind aumented reality seems to have died down somewhat but with Google's Project Glass looming in the distance, the technology is bound to see a resurgence in popularity. How this will relate to... Read More where you have to move around in the real world as one of two camps—the Enlightened or the Resistance—while your phone tells you objectives like collecting artifacts and teaming up with other players.

You can download Ingress from the Play Store for free.


Source: Niantic Labs Google+ via Engadget

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  1. Marius G
    November 5, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    There used to be an iOS app called Shadow Cities which looked remarkably similar. Like the concept of it but it never had much following in my area