GoogleLocationHistory: Track Your Location History
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GoogleLocationHistory is a latest app for the GoogleLatitude How to Find a Cell Phone's Location from an Android Device How to Find a Cell Phone's Location from an Android Device Lost an Android phone or an iPhone? Don't worry. It's really easy to find any device just using an Android smartphone or tablet. Read More that allows you to track your location history and view your past locations on Google Maps or Google Earth. It tells you about your most frequent locations, trips you have made and even alert you when you are at a new place and a friend is nearby.

All the information is private and can be deleted using the history management feature. The app works on Mobile phones with GoogleLatitude as well as your iGoogle page. So if you ever wish to see where you were on a certain day, the app is gonna wonders for you. It is also a great way to make sure your account hasn’t been compromised by quickly glancing at all the locations and making sure there is no strange entry.

track your location


  • Track your location history using mobile phone or computer.
  • See your history on Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • Get alerts when a friend is nearby your location.
  • Your information is private and completely removable.

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