Googleimageslideshow: View Google Image Search results as a slideshow

Umar 12-02-2011

Google Images lets us easily search for photos and other types of images. But thanks to a new web service, we can now put the results of a Google Image search into a browser slideshow. This web service is called simply Google Image Slideshow.


google image results slideshow

Google Image Slideshow is a great and simple tool that shows Google Image search results as a slideshow. To begin the slideshow all you have to do is type in your query and press the Enter key. If you want to view an image through its direct URL, there is a button for it at the top right of each image. By bringing your mouse pointer to the bottom of the image you can control the speed of the slideshow.

google image results slideshow

The slideshow can further be customized by entering the “Advanced” tab on the site’s homepage. Through these controls you can control various aspects of the slideshow such as specifying dominant colors and a specific website for the images.



Update: The site has now moved to:

Check out GoogleImageSlideshow @

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  1. Mickey Mouse
    January 21, 2018 at 7:43 am

    Warning: the program is misleading - instead of showing you Google images search results in a slideshow it shows its own sponsored images based on your search terms. When there are no sponsored images then it can produce no results. Try typing in "monet morrisot" and comparing to a normal Google image search with this term.