GoogleGuide: Learn How To Really Use Google

abhijeet 17-06-2009

GoogleGuide is an online interactive tutorial site that can show you how to really use Google. It provides tips, tricks and tutorials on making Google search easier and effective for novices, experts and everyone else.


All guides are properly categorized under the headings ‘ Query Input ‘, ‘ Understanding Results ‘, ‘ Search Tools ‘, ‘ Services ‘ and ‘ Developing a Website ‘. To start simply pick the category you want and browse, you can search the site as well.

how to really use google

It also provides PDF cheat sheets 10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download Read More of Google search shortcuts.

Features :

  • Informative tutorials on how to make Google search better.
  • Learn how to use Google faster with shortcuts.
  • Helpful for beginners, experts and everyone else.
  • Information properly categorized.
  • Available in German, Hebrew and Dansk apart from English.
  • PDF cheat sheets available.

Check out Google Guide @

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