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Google Celebrates The Wizard of Oz With an Easter Egg

Dave Parrack 26-08-2019

Google has a new Easter egg for everyone to try, and this one is a tribute to The Wizard of Oz. To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the its release, Google has hidden a tribute to The Wizard of Oz in its search results. Luckily, it’s easy to find.


The Wizard of Oz was released on August 25, 2019. Which was over 80 years ago this past weekend. It’s an important film in the history of cinema, being both a commercial and critical success, and one of the most-seen movies of all time.

How to Trigger Google’s The Wizard of Oz Easter Egg

Now, Google is playing tribute to the film in its own unique way. And all you need to do is search for “The Wizard of Oz” on Google. Once the results appear, you’ll see links to stream the film, cinema showtimes, and other interesting tidbits.

On the right-hand side you’ll see Google’s omnibox giving you a synopsis of the film plus other pertinent information. And now you’ll also see a pair of twinkling ruby slippers just begging to be clicked. After all, didn’t Dorothy own a similar pair?!

Click the ruby slippers to trigger the Easter egg. The heels will click together three times as a disembodied voice cries, “There’s no place like home”. The screen will then rotate and the results page will turn from color to black and white.


Clicking on a result now will navigate you away from the results page. However, you’ll also see a tornado where the slippers were. Click the tornado and Dorothy’s house will pop out of it, and the results page will turn back from black and white to color.

Other Recent Google Easter Eggs to Discover

For a brief period during the 2019 Wimbledon Tennis Championships you could gain access to a free tennis game just by Googling “Wimbledon”. However, that Easter egg no longer works, and I cannot work out how to navigate to Google’s free tennis game.

Fortunately, Google’s Avengers Endgame Easter egg Google "Thanos" for an Avengers Endgame Easter Egg Google has a new Easter egg for you to try out. And it involves Avengers Endgame, Thanos, and that pesky Infinity Gauntlet. Read More is still alive and kicking. So, once you get bored of travelling to and from Oz with Dorothy, just Google “Thanos” and then click the Infinity Gauntlet for a nice little nod to the Avengers.

Image Credit: Rawpixel Ltd/Flickr

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