Google Will Pay You $100+ If You Just Help Them Out
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Remember when we told you that Facebook will pay you at least $500 if you report security issues to them? It turns out that they aren’t the only ones in the security bounty game. Google plays, too.

If you find a security hole and report it to Google, you can earn a paycheck ranging from $100 (minor issues) to $20,000 (major issues).

This offer stands for any of Google’s three big websites:,, and It also stands for any Google-developed app on the Play Store or iTunes, and on any Google-developed extension on the Chrome Web Store.


There are five security categories that are eligible for a bounty:

  • Remote code execution.
  • Unrestricted access to file system or database.
  • Logic flaws that bypass significant security controls.
  • Execute unauthorized code on clients.
  • Other valid security vulnerabilities.

In order to qualify, a bug report must properly explain how to reproduce said security issue(s). Within each category, the payout amount varies depending on how well the issue was described and how serious the issue is.

Think you found one? Report it to Google here.

Have you ever found a bug or vulnerability on any of Google’s websites or apps? Did you claim a bounty for it? Share your experiences with us down below!

Image Credit: Google on Tablet by Twin Design via Shutterstock

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