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Google Adds New Ways to Plan Your Next Vacation

Dave Parrack 09-01-2020

Google has added new features to Google Travel. These provide you with new ways to plan your next vacation, helping you decide when to visit and where to stay, and informing you exactly how much you’ll need to pay. Making the whole process easier than ever.


Google used to maintain an app called Google Trips. This was an invaluable tool, helping you save your reservations, plan day trips, and discover the best restaurants. Sadly, Google Trips is no more, but Google still wants to help you plan your next vacation.

How to Use Google Travel to Plan a Vacation

Google Travel is a dedicated website which offers some (but not all) of the same features Google Trips used to offer. It’s also where Google Hotels and Google Flights now live, as the search giant has tried to consolidate everything into one resource.

As outlined in this post on The Keyword, Google has added new features to Google Travel. This is in addition to listing the trending destinations for 2020, which are Da Nang, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Marseille, Vienna, Bangkok, Dubai, and Perth.

Once you have picked your destination, Google wants to help you plan your next vacation. The When To Visit tab will show you “how weather, crowds and pricing vary across the year.” And the What You’ll Pay tab will show you how much you’ll need to budget.


Where To Stay will help you find the best neighborhoods. And when you’re ready to confirm your booking, Google will show you your Stay Total. Signing into your Google account means you can also see Personalized Results and the option to Add Shortcut.

Tips to Use When Planning Your Next Vacation

Google Travel is an amazing resource for anyone planning to go on vacation. These days there are so many options available to travelers that any help booking flights, finding affordable accomodation, and researching locations could prove invaluable.

As useful as Google Travel is, it can only help you so far. Thankfully, we have previously listed the most important tips to help you plan your next vacation Planning a Trip Soon? Nail Your Travel Preparation With These 8 Tips Travel planning comes with a lot of details. Here are a few crucial tips to take care of before you even start planning a trip. Read More . These range from blocking internet trackers to finding a suitable traveling companion to go with.

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