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Google Lets Trusted Contacts Track Your Whereabouts

Dave Parrack 05-12-2016

Google has launched a new app which lets your family and friends keep tabs on you at all times. That might sound scary, and not at all something you’d actively want, but Trusted Contacts is designed to keep you safe even when you’re walking home alone.


Trusted Contacts is a new personal safety app which essentially lets your loved ones watch over you like omnipotent beings. Once you have given them permission to do so, they will be able to see where you are and what you’re doing at any given moment.

You install the app, give your nearest and dearest “trusted” status, and then go about your business as normal. Under normal circumstances, your trusted contacts will know whether you’re active and have been recently, thus knowing at a glance that you’re safe and well.

However, there are other options too. If one of your trusted contacts is worried about you they can request to see your exact location 5 Types Of Android Apps That Make Good Use Of Your Location You might turn off your location services to save battery life, but these kinds of apps might make you change your mind. Read More . You can accept or deny the request, but if you don’t respond your location will be shared automatically in case you’re in trouble and need help.

You can also proactively share your location with your trusted contacts. This would enable one of your friends to walk you home virtually if, for example, you got stuck at work late. They could watch the app, keeping tabs on you to ensure you got home safe and sound.

A Potential for Misuse/Abuse

The aim here is, of course, to help keep people safe 8 Devices to Keep Elderly Relatives Safe at Home Knowing that an elderly relative is at home alone can be worrying. Luckily, there are plenty of gadgets to that allow you to receive an alert when something isn't right. Read More . However, people are bound to raise concerns over privacy and the potential for misuse/abuse. The key thing to remember is that you’re ultimately in control, so as long as you trust Google, everything else is in your hands.


You can stop sharing your location (leaving your trusted contacts only knowing whether or not you’re active) at any time. You can also change who your trusted contacts are, if a relationship ends, for example. However, if you remove your mom’s “trusted” status be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Trusted Contacts is available for Android right now. There’s no news yet on a version for iOS, but it should only be a matter of time before Trusted Contacts turns up on the App Store.

Are you likely to install Trusted Contacts? Do you think it’s a positive attempt to help keep people safe? Are you at all worried about the possibility of it being misused/abused? To who will you be giving the revered “trusted” status? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Garry Knight via Flickr

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  1. Lope
    December 6, 2016 at 9:23 am

    "so as long as you trust Google, everything else is in your hands"
    i think that's the most self-contradictory statement ever.

    • Dave Parrack
      December 6, 2016 at 9:55 am

      It isn't contradictory. If you don't trust Google then steer well clear of this app. But apart from Google you're in control of who can see your location and when.

      • Tin Hat
        December 7, 2016 at 8:17 am

        You're as dumb as you are blind. Not that I'd expect much more from a totally brainwashed slave that you really are. You better go get your tin hat, you need to be careful of the powerful brainwashing you are having done to you at every moment of your day. Oh by the way, I don't wear any tin hats you fool. Its easy to not need such stupid and ridiculous things like you do. See, I'm not brainwashed because I already took full control of my body when I was smart enough to know that brainwashing is a very real thing that does exist. You are proof of that, not that I needed yet another example. But nice try. Lets see maybe you can try to learn what it means to have some class in the future and that was class I said, not ass, that is what you already are.

  2. Jeff Woods
    December 6, 2016 at 1:45 am

    This is getting super stupid! Does anybody on this planet ever care about having any privacy? Everyone who lets companies do things like track you and share where you are without you even knowing they are doing that, your stupid and deserve to have your homes & apts all broken into and everything you pathetic devil feeding sleeping sheep stolen while your phone continues to openly tell everyone, yes including burgles and thieves, to know exactly when you have returned so they can get away without you being aware of how you and Kim K are both total dumb asses. I have no pity for the human race & how it is determined to continue to hand feed the devil himself with every little known place you have been, will be, or what you ate at dinner, and nobody should care about this blatant use of stupidity they want you to be afraid of privacy so you will openly share your meaningless lives as if you are special when the only thing special about you all is how absolutely stupid you all really are and you're even proud of it. Soon, all your rights will be taken from you via yourselves not paying any attention to anything but your stupid phones and material junk you all were fooled into thinking you couldn't live without. The only thing you all are missing is how to pull your head out of your asses, and stop trusting billion dollar corporations that will take your freedoms, never give them back, and you money, that will have been already taken from you as well as your material junk while you were at dinner showing off what you are going to eat on some social media. I bet you all can't wait to let these companies drive your cars for you and tell you what you can and can't do at all moments of the day. Blame yourselves when you only work, eat, sleep, and work. No vacations or holidays, no full time employment, no decent managers to work for, no cars because nobody will be allowed to own any, money will all be electronic so they can control every purchase and you all will love being total slaves to this world I'm sure of it, you all are already feeding the devil right out of your own hands like total fools. Terrorist will not have to destroy the USA, the public already is doing a far better and faster job of doing that for them. But oh boy Susan just got the camera phone that will fly around with you and document every move you make. Sounds pretty G.Orwell 1984 to me. The worst part, your all so well brainwashed that you all don't even think you can be nor are you actually brainwashed. But that is the best kind of brainwashing there is. The kind that makes you think you aren't at all. Enjoy your New World Order money and controlled thoughts to go with your controlled media. We will see if even this post makes it to the rest of the world. Stop being afraid of speaking up, not fitting in to the crowd, having some common sense, and lets stop all this drone, self driving, no more freedoms crap, and make sure our government does what they are supposed to do. Protect us. Oh wait that's right, if you already want protection from identity theft, Life Lock will gladly take your money now, as the FBI does nothing to stop the severe levels that are being used to steal people's identities. Of course this is the same group of knuckle heads that lose information about terrorist attacks, so maybe they can't do their jobs. And how much does that do for us? No good from what I see. If the FBI has no solutions then We the people have a country to save from the evil giants that have almost taken over. And we are the only ones to blame for letting it happen.