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Google “Thanos” for an Avengers Endgame Easter Egg

Dave Parrack 26-04-2019

Google has been hiding Easter eggs in its products for years. Some are ever-present, while others are released to mark a special occasion or particular event. The most recent example being the ability to play Snake in Google Maps You Can Now Play Snake in Google Maps To celebrate April Fools' Day 2019, you can now play a special travel-related version of Snake in Google Maps. Read More for April Fools’ Day.


Now, Google has a new Easter egg for you to try out. And it involves Avengers Endgame, Thanos, and that pesky Infinity Gauntlet. You know, the one that [Spoiler Alert] Thanos used to wipe out half of the population in Avengers: Infinity War.

Google Celebrates the Release of Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame is now out in movie theaters. After 11 years and 22 movies (starting with Iron Man), the Marvel Cinematic Universe is wrapping up an epic storyline which has brought together countless superheroes from across the universe.

As with Game of Thrones, which is now in its final season, the hype surrounding Avengers Endgame is immense. And when something is hyped this much, everyone wants to get involved. Including Google, which has hidden an Easter egg in Search.

Watch Thanos Wipe Out Half of Your Search Results

To trigger this Avengers-themed Google Search trick, open Google and search for “Thanos”. You’ll get the results you expected to get, but you should also be able to see the Infinity Gauntlet somewhere on the page. Find it, and click it.


You’ll hear a click, and the results will start disappearing before your very eyes. And when half of the results have disintegrated into digital dust, the number of search results will halve. Well done, you have just enabled Thanos to fulfill his wicked plan.

Thankfully, all is not lost. Click the Infinity Gauntlet a second time, and the Time Stone will whir into action. The number of results will climb back up to its original total, and all of the elements on the page will be magically restored.

Please Don’t Post Avengers Endgame Spoilers

This is obviously just a little bit of fun, with Google trying to get involved with something people are talking about. But with so much negativity online it’s a nice diversion. Even if it was inspired by the actions of a homicidal maniac with a God complex.

It’s not yet clear whether this Google Easter egg will be permanent, or only remain live while Avengers Endgame is in cinemas. Either way, please remember that it’s really bad form to post spoilers on social media When Is It Okay to Post Spoilers on Social Media? Pitchforks at the ready! It's time to talk about spoilers. For a lot of people, they rank somewhere between Hitler and Ramsey Bolton on the evil-scale. Read More , so please don’t do it. Please.

Image Credit: Marco Sit/Flickr

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