Google Takeout: Download All Your Google Data
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Facebook is not the only online place you store valuable data; you also have important information stored in your Google account. Buzz, Contacts, and Picasa jointly hold a lot of your important information. Realizing that users might want a backup of their online information, Google has now launched a new web service entitled Takeout.

download all google

Takeout is a new web service by Google that lets it users download all their data stored in Google accounts. In addition to your Google Profile information, data is downloaded from Picasa, Contacts and Circles, and Google Buzz. The data is compressed into a ZIP archive and made available for download.

Google will gradually be adding more products to Takeout so you can create a backup of all your Google services.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you backup Google data.
  • Supports Buzz, Contacts, and Picasa.
  • Will add other Google products in the future.

Check out Google Takeout @

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