Google Inside Search: Create Captions For Cartoons With Google

Dave LeClair 26-12-2011

If you think you are funny, you should check out this fun feature from Google. It allows users to log on and look at various comics and come up with their own funny captions for the cartoons. The comics are all funny situations where one of the characters is searching for something on Google. As the funny person, it is your job to decide what they are searching for with an entertaining caption.


Google Inside Search: Create Captions For Cartoons With Google googleinsidesearch e1324666700286

If you aren’t so funny, and can’t come up with your own caption, fear not, because you don’t need to miss out on the fun. You can vote on other captions and help decide which one is best. Even the people who aren’t funny themselves can still have fun!


  • Easily create your own captions for all kinds of comics.
  • Possibly have your caption featured.
  • Vote on other users captions to decide the best ones.
  • Good way to get a laugh with some funny comics.

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