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Google Makes It Easier to Resume Previous Searches

Dave Parrack 11-01-2019

Google has launched new activity cards that make it easier to resume previous searches. By using these activity cards, you will be able to build up a repository of research over time. And it won’t matter how often you step away from Google.


Google’s Activity Cards Save Your Searches

Without Google the web would never have taken off in the way it did. However, it’s far from perfect. Right now it’s too easy to search for something, bookmark a few sites, and then forget about the paths you took to reach those destinations.

Google is trying to change all that by employing activity cards when you want more than just a quick answer. Perhaps you’re planning a holiday itinerary, or finding meals to fit in with your new eating regime. Either way, Google’s activity cards could prove invaluable.

How Google’s Search Activity Cards Work

According to The Keyword, Google’s new activity cards work like so. If you conduct a search while logged into your Google account, Google will compile these searches into an activity card. Google already saves these searches, but it now bundles them by subject.

The next time you search for that same subject, you’ll see “Your Related Activity” at the top of the results. If you click on it you’ll see previous websites you’ve visited, plus related searches. You can then continue where you left off rather than start again from scratch.


You can also add and remove items as you see fit. To add a web page just tap and hold the link. It will then be added to your activity card. To delete an item just tap on the link and select “Delete”. You can turn off cards completely through the 3-dot menu.

Making the Google App Even More Useful

The new Google Search activity cards are available now on Google’s mobile website and the Google app 12 Types of Android Apps You Can Replace With the Google App The Google app on your Android phone can replace many dedicated apps. Here are some app types you won't need anymore. Read More . Unfortunately, they’re initially only available in English and in the U.S. There’s no word yet on an international rollout, but it should only be a matter of time.

Image Credit: Frankieleon/Flickr

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