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Google Removes Internet Ads, Nintendo 3DS Gets Hacked, & More… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 21-11-2014

Also, Square goes global, Microsoft improves Bing, Oculus stacks your stocks, and a pesky squirrel steals a GoPro.


Google Contributor Removes The Ads


Google is experimenting with a way for Internet users to support their favorite websites without having to put up with advertising. Google Contributor removes the ads from certain websites for those willing to pay a small monthly fee.

Google Contributor asks individual users to pay between $1 and $3 every month. Those users will stop seeing ads, and the money is divvied up between those websites involved in the initiative which each individual visits regularly.

At launch, Google Contributor only has 10 publishing partners, including Mashable, Imgur, The Onion, and wikiHow. Users are also being added slowly, with those seeking an invitation to take part needing to sign up to join the waiting list.

No one likes advertising AdBlock, NoScript & Ghostery - The Trifecta Of Evil Over the past few months, I've been contacted by a good number of readers who have had problems downloading our guides, or why they can't see the login buttons or comments not loading; and in... Read More , especially on the Internet. However, whether you choose to believe it or not, ads are an essential part of the Web Are Ad Blocking Browser Extensions Killing The Internet? One of the reasons for the Internet’s surge in popularity is the cost of most online content – or rather, the lack of cost. That’s not to say the content is free, however. Almost every... Read More as we know it, allowing sites to cover their costs.


Unfortunately, no one has yet come up with a better way of paying for their favorite websites Please Whitelist MakeUseOf In Adblock: A Plea From a Former Adblock Filter Developer It’s no secret that we’re not huge fans of Adblock here at MakeUseOf. But we know that some of you won’t let go of Adblock until it’s pried out of your cold, dead hands. If... Read More to keep producing the content they love, but Google Contributor is one possible solution.

Will it work? Sound off in the comments section below.

The Nintendo 3DS Finally Got Hacked

The Nintendo 3DS has finally been hacked, more than three years after it first launched. A hacker known as Smealum has revealed how to run homebrew software A Brief Guide To Nintendo DS Homebrew & Emulation [Part 1] Read More on the 3DS, opening up the possibility of using emulators and other unauthorized code on Nintendo’s handheld games console Nintendo's New 3DS - Here's Why You Should Be Excited More than just the size and style redesign of the 3DS XL, the New models are a half step toward being a new generation, with a faster CPU, more buttons, and an exclusive game announced. Read More .

The video above shows the homebrew software, named Ninjhax, in action, while details on how to run it for yourself can be found on Smealum’s website [No Longer Available]. Bizarrely, this workaround requires a copy of the obscure Cubic Ninja, and the price of the game has skyrocketed as a result.


NB: We have not tested Ninjhax for ourselves, so you use it at your own peril. We cannot guarantee it will work, it will void your warranty, and it could ruin your 3DS. Nintendo may also issue a patch blocking this workaround at any time.

Square Goes Global With Register App

Square has gone global, officially opening up its Register app to the world. Register acts like a cash register, offering payment processing, tipping, digital receipts, and online ordering. All included in an app designed for smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android.

Register was launched in the U.S. in 2012, but merchants from around the world have since downloaded and installed the app. This meant manually converting the figures from dollars into their local currency, which is why Square has now added support for four languages and 130 different currencies.


Microsoft Improves Bing With HD Images


Microsoft has made a number of improvements to the Bing homepage, with the obvious intention being to remind Google users that there is an alternative search engine available 4 Search Engines That Combine Google & Bing The Google search engine is a fantastic resource for those of us who spend half our lives online, hence its inclusion in the list of the 7 wonders of the Web, but it isn't the... Read More .

The most obvious change made to Bing is the introduction of high-definition images, with the backgrounds offering resolutions up to 1920×1080. Those images now also carry captions offering more information. Other new features include a carousel of trending topics, and shortcuts to Office Online apps Don't Pay for Microsoft Word! 4 Reasons to Use Office Online Instead Microsoft Office Online offers free web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Here's why you should give it a try today. Read More such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.

StockCity Turns Shares Into Skyscrapers

The boffins at Fidelity Labs, the technology arm of Fidelity Investments, have created StockCity, a new way of visualizing the value of your stocks and shares. Assuming, of course, you have stocks and shares, and the Oculus Rift DK2 Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 Review and Giveaway It’s been a year since the first Oculus Rift Development Kit was released, and it’s safe to say the world of gaming will never be the same again Read More required to use the app.


StockCity [No Longer Available] is an Oculus Rift app that turns your various stocks into buildings, with their height revealing their current values. So, stocks worth the most show up as skyscrapers, while those worth less show up as ground-level office blocks. And then there is your Apple stock, which is a danger to passing planes.

Watch A Pesky Squirrel Steal A GoPro

And finally, we have proof that even squirrels love a GoPro. This video shows one of the pesky rodents stealing a GoPro and carrying it up a tree before dropping it hard on the ground below.

To be fair to this rather cute squirrel, there was a piece of bread attached to this particular GoPro, as the owner was after footage just like this. He got exactly what he wanted too, though I wish the squirrel had been a little more adventurous with the GoPro 6 Ways To Use GoPro Cameras That Don't Involve Extreme Sports GoPro cameras can be used in plenty of ways other than shooting extreme sports, six of which we'll be exploring in this article. Read More than just climbing up the nearest tree.

Your Views On Today’s Tech News

Would you pay Google to remove the ads from your favorite websites? Will you try hacking the Nintendo 3DS? Would you ever consider switching from Google to Bing?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

Image Credit: Daniel Oines via Flickr

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  1. James Howde
    November 25, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    From what I've read elsewhere Google isn't exactly removing the ads completely - it's letting the web pages use that space for their messages rather than Google's ads.

    So worth doing it you're irritated that Ford keep trying to sell you a new SUV - not so much if you don't like the way ads take up screen space and uglyfy the web page.

  2. Tinkicker
    November 22, 2014 at 10:57 pm

    Hey, I know ads are essential (as of today, now) to pay for all the underpinnings of the net. But I laughed when I read this because it reminds me of those Mafia scenarios where someone pays Guido for "health insurance", so that bad things won't happen lol.

  3. pete
    November 21, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    I was thinking about advertising and the internet just the other day and thought about a scheme similar to the one google is offering.
    All website need to raise funds and advertising is the easiest way to do this, but if enough people signed up and it allowed websites the chance to grow and improve - I'd be all for it.

    I'm not too bothered about sidebar adverts, at least you know where they are and they don't really distract you what you are reading/watching. But those adverts that take over the screen or pop up over the sentence you are reading really p*ss me off.

    It's got to the point where I won't visit those websites anymore as they feel like none stop spam bins.

    It's like opening a paper magazine and having to shake all the inserts before you can read what you pay for.

    I'll keep my eye on this and might sign up if it gives value for them AND me.

  4. Jeri Atkin
    November 21, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Given time we will be paying as much to keep out ads as we do for cable TV. Kind of takes the free out of free internet.