Google Reader Play: Browse Your RSS Feeds Visually
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Google Reader is one of the best apps around to read your RSS feeds and now Google is making it even more fun by introducing the Google Reader Play feature. The play feature lets you browse your RSS feeds visually so you can easily skim through them.

You can choose to browse any subscription or category of feeds in Play by simply clicking the little arrow in front of each subscription and selecting View in Reader Play. While browsing items in GoogleReaderPlay, you can still Star, Like or Share an item. A thumbnail strip shows you previous and next feeds to the one you are currently viewing. Feeds are viewed as a slideshow and clicking on the next or previous arrows provides super easy navigation.

browse feed

browse feed

  • Browse your RSS feeds visually.
  • View them as a slideshow with easy navigation.
  • Right click any subscription to view in Play.
  • Star, Like or share item from within the slideshow.
  • Start/stop slideshow with a single click.

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