Google Public Data Explorer: Explore Interesting Data Statistics via Animated Charts

Justin Pot 13-03-2010

Numbers don’t lie, but it can be very hard to figure out what they mean. Google Public Data Explorer seeks to clarify trends by letting you explore them in a variety of ways: graphs, maps and animations, to name a few. As the service’s name implies, all information used is freely available information compiled from public services, including the US Census Bureau.


interesting data statistics

While this isn’t something the average person would be itching to play with, it’s great for number nerds, as well as journalists, public officials and politicians. Bloggers will be happy to know that all information, charts and animations can be embedded, allowing you to share your discoveries with your readers.

More than anything, however, this site is about interesting statistics, and discovering cool ways to arrange it. Check this out for that alone.

interesting data statistics


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