Google has finally embraced social media with Google+. But more than connecting and sharing with friends, Google’s main goal is to curate the Internet with social signals and people creating the content. If you are a publisher on the web, one thing you can do to become more visible is have your Google profile hooked to your stream of articles. The Google Profile Button is a tool that can help you with this.

google+ profile button

Just add the generated button to your blog to place a link to your profile. While this implementation looks simple enough, this tool has jarring implications to bloggers and web publishers. Why? Google is basically allowing us to claim authorship by using the tag rel=”author” in our blog posts and link back to our stream of content which will then become our author page.

For more information about Google Profiles and Authorship, you can check out this article from Google. So if you are a webmaster or author who wants to increase your presence as an individual brand online then this tool will help you a lot and will soon be a necessity.


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