Google Play Music Now Offers New Release Radio
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Google Play Music now recommends new music via a station called New Release Radio. This station offers up new music Google thinks you’ll enjoy. And with this one idea Google Play Music becomes a more viable competitor to Spotify, which specializes in recommending new music.

Streaming music services are here to stay, with the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music adding users at an impressive rate of knots. People are subscribing because these services represent great value for money, but they’re staying for the new music recommendations.

Google Play Music Knows New Release

Spotify has been helping its users discover new music for a long time. Spotify’s automagic playlists such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mixes mean the music never stops. And now Google Play Music is offering its own spin on Release Radar called New Release Radio.

New Release Radio serves up a selection of new music Google thinks you’ll enjoy listening to. Google will use machine learning in order to find the right mix of music for each individual. This will essentially analyze the songs, artists, and genres you have previously listened to and recommend music released in the past two weeks. New Release Radio will update every day.

New Release Radio has been available to Samsung owners for several months thanks to a partnership with Google. This gave Samsung-owning Google Play Music users some benefits over their non-Samsung-owning friends. One of which was clearly early access to new features. However, New Release Radio is now available globally to free users and paid subscribers.

New Release Radio Is a Promising Start

Streaming music is the future. And one of the many advantages streaming music services offer is their ability to recommend new music based on past listening habits. Google Play Music has lagged behind on this particular aspect, but New Release Radio represents a promising start.

Do you use Google Play Music? Do you pay for the privilege or just take advantage of the free offering? How do you rate Google Play Music against Spotify and Apple Music? Will New Release Radio help Google Play Music succeed? Please let us know in the comments below!

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