How to Watch Google Play Movies on Apple TV
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Unsurprisingly, tech companies don’t want you to spend money buying from their competitors. This is why picking one ecosystem — like Google, Apple, or Microsoft — is so important.

If you have an Apple TV, you probably know about the great entertainment apps that it provides. Recent converts from Android might have purchased some movies from the Google Play Store and don’t want to buy them again from Apple to watch on their Apple TV.

Thankfully, using one of two workarounds, you can watch your Google Play movies on the big screen with little hurdle.

Method 1

The first method involves the YouTube app on your Apple TV. Open the YouTube app and select the My YouTube section. Sign into the Google account that you purchased your content with.

Then, in the My YouTube header, scroll down until you hit the Purchases section. This is where YouTube gathers all the content you’ve bought on YouTube directly as well as Google Play movies.

You can use this method to watch your Google Play movies on any Apple device, though it’s not necessary on your iPhone since there’s a Google Play Movies app already.

Method 2

If the first method doesn’t work for some reason or you want to try another way, AirPlay is the second solution. Download the Google Play Movies app on your iPhone or iPad (or just use the YouTube method above on your mobile device).

Then, start the movies you want to watch and tap the casting icon. You can select the Apple TV you want to watch it on, and it will beam up on your TV thanks to AirPlay.

Not sure if an Apple TV is right for you? Check out our overview of what it can do.

Have you purchased any movies from YouTube or Google Play Movies? Did you enjoy watching them on your Apple TV? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. John
    September 13, 2017 at 3:06 am

    Method #1 also works for watching your purchased library content on the TiVo Premier YouTube app! :)