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Google Nexus 10 Review and Giveaway

Danny Stieben 01-04-2013

Google Nexus 10 Review and Giveaway google nexus 10 reviewGoogle has recently come out with a number of intriguing products; including the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and multiple different Chromebooks. I’ve recently reviewed a Samsung Chromebook Samsung Chromebook Series 3 Review and Giveaway People today are constantly on the move and connected to the Internet, doing anything from creating presentations to checking emails to chatting with friends to playing games. People use all sorts of devices to accomplish... Read More , and Jackson has taken a look at the Nexus 4 Google Nexus 4 Review and Giveaway Even though I am an iPhone user and have been since the first generation iPhone was announced by the late Steve Jobs back in 2007, I've tried to keep an open mind about viable alternatives.... Read More and Nexus 7 Nexus 7 vs. iPad Mini: A Comparative Review If you're shopping for a 7-inch tablet, there's absolutely no shortage of options. It's undeniable, however, that the leading choices are Apple's iPad mini and Google's Nexus 7. We've reviewed both of these devices individually,... Read More .


Naturally, we have to take a look at the Google Nexus 10 and see how it performs, how useful it is in real life scenarios, and whether it’s worth the price. The best part is, you’ll have the chance to win this incredible tablet for yourself! Read the review and giveaway details below.

Why A Tablet?

Today’s modern tablets have physical advantages that can potentially make them better than other personal computing devices. They’re slimmer, lighter, include touchscreen capabilities, and some have relatively large screen sizes. In other words, it’s possible that tablets may replace your laptop for everyday work — something that can’t be said for smartphones. Last year, Ryan put forth the idea of using an Android table to complement his desktop computer for work Use Your Android Tablet To Boost Your Desktop Computer at Work Android tablets have a ton of potential, with the ability to use bluetooth, wi-fi, awesome cameras on the front and back, a keyboard and mouse, and a small form-factor that make it highly portable. In... Read More . A few months later, Angela wondered if her Windows RT tablet could replace her laptop Can A Windows RT Tablet Replace My Laptop? Windows RT is not anything like a regular windows install - It looks like Windows 8, but it's really very different. Most notably, you can't install regular Windows applications on it. You can only install... Read More . Unconvinced, Christian decided to test the idea out himself with an experiment: going tablet-only for a week, while trying to stay productive MakeUseOf Experiments: Going Tablet-Only For a Week & Staying Productive You took one look at the headline and thought "this guy is crazy", right? That's pretty much what I thought at first, but as the week progressed I found myself struggling with apps, multi-tasking and... Read More .

Introducing the Google Nexus 10

The Nexus 10 is a flagship Android tablet from Google. It’s true that it competes with other heavyweights such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (ironically, both the Nexus 10 and Galaxy Tab 2 tablets are made by Samsung). The $349.99 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is slightly more competitive in terms of pricing but they only offer a 16 GB model, expandable to 48 GB with a microSD card. Other competitors include the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T Review and Giveaway The $450 ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T) is a high-powered, lightweight tablet with a detachable keyboard you'll actually enjoy typing on. Not everyone thinks the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity is the best tablet on the... Read More , and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (we reviewed the non-HD version here Kindle Fire Review and Giveaway It’s a brand new year, and I am proud to be part of something brand new here at MakeUseOf: An independent hardware review followed by a giveaway. Today we’ll be giving away an Amazon Kindle... Read More ).

google nexus 10 review

Ultimately, the Nexus 10 leads the Android tablet pack against its main rival, the infamous iPad New iPad Review and Giveaway The third generation (2012) iPad was announced on March 7, 2012, and have recently reached their new owners across the globe. How does it compare to its predecessors -- the iPad 2 and original iPad?... Read More from Apple.



The Nexus 10 packs in a good amount of quality hardware that ensures smooth performance. The list includes:

  • 10.005-inch WQXGA screen at 2560 x 1600 resolution (300 ppi)
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 2
  • 263.9 x 177.6 x 8.9mm
  • 603 grams
  • 32 GB of storage (16 GB option available; no microSD expansion)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Dual-core A15 CPU
  • Quad-core Mali T604 GPU
  • 5 MP back camera; 1.9 MP front camera
  • 9000 mAh battery
  • WiFi and Bluetooth (no built-in carrier connectivity — look at tethering instead)
  • Dual-side NFC
  • Micro USB
  • Magnetic Pogo pin charging port
  • Micro HDMI
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack

The tablet which we’re offering in this giveaway is the 32 GB variant, and sells from the Google Play Store at $499. You can also nab the 16 GB version for $399 instead. If this impressive list of specs doesn’t mean much to you just yet, I’ll be explaining it all below.


The packaging was very elegant yet quite simple. The tablet and all related accessories were packaged within a minimal black box, and the box was held together by two sticker-style binders as well as a Nexus 10-branded cover that slides around the box.

google nexus 10 review


Once opened, you’ll immediately find the tablet on the very top. Underneath the tablet, you’ll find the following:

  • a USB cable
  • a power supply without wall plug (to make the power supply internationally friendly)
  • an appropriate wall plug for the power supply for your region
  • warranty information

Otherwise, there’s nothing else in the box, and I wouldn’t expect anything else to be included either. Everything else is considered accessories that should be bought separately.


After taking off the protective wrapping from the tablet, I can take my first good look at the device. It feels very good to hold in my hands as it includes a rubberized finish on the backside of the device. I’ve heard some people say that it makes the device feel a bit cheap, but I have to disagree — on the contrary, it definitely helps with my grip on the device. And I certainly don’t want to drop this $500 monster by accident.

Otherwise, I like the general design of the tablet — the rounded corners are appealing and prevent it from poking through any bags that I might put it in, and the “Nexus” and “Samsung” branding is kept away from the front and imprinted on the back in the rubber finish.


google nexus 10 review

Build Quality

The tablet feels really nice to use. When pressing a bit harder on any parts of the device, I don’t hear any creaking or notice any other signs of poor build quality. The weight distribution is also very nice, so it won’t feel awkward to hold the tablet in a number of different ways. Overall, I feel like it was built very sturdy, and with quality components. There are certainly plenty of other tablets where the build quality is far poorer.


The Nexus 10 doesn’t include a whole lot of ports, but honestly it doesn’t really need to — besides maybe a few more microUSB ports. There’s a single microUSB port on the left side of the device to data connectivity and charging.

google nexus 10 review


Along the bottom side of the Nexus 10, you’ll find a port to plug in a Pogo magnetic charging cable. The advantage of the Pogo cable is that it can easily come off if someone trips over it without taking the tablet with it, but charging speeds are only marginally faster compared to microUSB. There is no Pogo chaging cable included with the tablet and must be bought separately.

google nexus 10 review

On the right side, you’ll find the micro HDMI port which you can use (with the appropriate cable) to connect to a monitor, TV, or projector. Android doesn’t offer any display settings for the HDMI connectivity, so it’ll simply mirror what’s shown on the tablet by default. Finally, at the top you’ll find the power button as well as the volume rocker.

google nexus 10 review


The biggest selling point of the tablet is its large high resolution screen. And while it looks nice even when the device is off, you really get to appreciate the screen in all its glory once it’s turned on. I have to admit, the high pixel per inch (300 ppi) makes the screen absolutely stunning. Everything on the tablet looks crisp and clean, especially on user interface elements. Of course, when it comes to media you’ll need to have images and videos that has at least the same resolution if not more. Therefore, even YouTube videos in HD quality will not appear entirely crisp. However, the fact that the screen is of a good size makes that small detail less of an issue for the overall experience. The only thing that I have to note is that I noticed a warm color tint on the Nexus 10’s screen. I have to admit that I’m a bit spoiled by my laptop’s 95% NTSC color gamut display, but it looks warmer even when compared to my Nexus 4. This doesn’t really change the experience, but it’s something I’ve discovered when comparing them.

google nexus 10 review

Battery Life

The Nexus 10’s battery life is also superb thanks to the 9000 mAh battery that it holds. Under relatively heavy use, the battery drops about 10-15% per hour, so you can easily expect the tablet to last 7 to 10 hours. Of course, if you’re out and about during the day, you won’t be using it the entire time, so the tablet should last you all day long for whatever you need to do.

Additional Notes

I think that the Nexus 10 is fantastic to use. In addition to its physical convenience, it’s quite responsive, and the touchscreen is accurate. Using it isn’t any different than using an Android smartphone — it’s simply a lot bigger. In fact, I only see two major differences. First, you can’t put a SIM card into the device to receive carrier-provided Internet, so you’ll need to be around WiFi whenever you want to use the Internet on it or look into tethering options. Also, some apps aren’t tablet optimized, so some may look strange as they’re made for the much smaller screens. An example would be the Facebook app on Android, where the top two bars are simply stretched across the screen, and all posts are stretched across the screen as well, with only pictures scaling to fill up all that space. This can be remedied however, as some apps (such as the Adobe Photoshop Touch apps) have tablet and phone versions, where you’ll only be able to install the respective app on the correct device. The Gmail app on the Nexus 10, for example, looks great and is incredible to use.


Overall, is the Nexus 10 worth your money? It honestly depends on if you really need it. It’s an impressive device no matter how you look at it — easily one of the best Android tablets yet, in fact. However, I already have a Nexus 4 and powerful laptop. There aren’t any tasks that the Nexus 10 is capable of that I’m not already doing on my smartphone and laptop. I don’t do any artsy work where a touchscreen would be ideal, and taking notes is actually simplified with a physical keyboard. Yes, you can get a Bluetooth keyboard for the tablet, but I’d rather just use my laptop and save the money. Otherwise, the Nexus 10 is still a very convenient device to bring along for the entire day or to use for entertainment purposes.

google nexus 10 review

When determining whether the Nexus 10 is better than the iPad, you can’t just look at the specifications — you won’t find much difference. Instead, it’s really a matter of in which ecosystem you have the most data stored, or which ecosystem you prefer the most. If you are invested in the Apple ecosystem, then an iPad is better for you. If you are invested in Google’s ecosystem or are looking at getting started with smart devices, then the Nexus 10 is best.

MakeUseOf Recommends: Buy, for its convenience and/or entertainment value.

How do I win the Google Nexus 10?

Step 1: Fill in the giveaway form

Please fill in the form with your real name and email address so that we can get in touch if you are chosen as a winner. MakeUseOf giveaways are open to readers worldwide.

The giveaway code required to activate the form is available from our Facebook page and Twitter stream.

The giveaway is over. Congratulations, Patrick Woods! You would have received an email from Please respond before April 21 to claim your prize. Enquires beyond this date will not be entertained.

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  2. nikihuk
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    Have u head of Makers G10 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Aluminum Protective Case is for Google Nexus 10. It is the first high quality low cost product. It act as a mobile wireless keyboard,you can take it around,and you can put it 10meter away from product . It is made of high end aluminum alloy. You can plug your Google Nexus 7 in portraid mode,or in landscape mode . Great part is that it has 300mAh built-in battery to make it standby for 30 days,work for 5 days. It has all these features like smart sleep mode to save power;quiet keystrokes for 20 million times; Dust-proof design;keys made of high end ABS material;stylish look and sturdy assembly.home key to switch between Apps.

  3. steven edginton
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  5. Stella Degas
    April 22, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Here is my review on Nexus 10 by Google.

    Poor battery life. Takes day to charge. If you use it and charge at the same time it won't. Or will do, but very, very slow.

    Screen / Color.
    This high PPI (300) doesn't make any difference you can see.
    Totally agree with CNET pro reviewer: Where the iPad beats the Nexus 10 is in black level, contrast, and color accuracy. The Nexus 10's blacks just aren't as deep nor its whites as bright as they should be, and its colors aren't as full.
    Colors are poor, not contrast.

    No so many apps to install.

    You will be surprised but Google will charge 15%

    Customer Service.
    Awful experience. Tried to reach them for an half an hour, then lost another 30 min in transfers to hear Dean a poor informed, without any customer service skills Google representative. Then I spoke to his manager Matt K. who is more unprofessional than Dean. I guess this is how you get the carrier in Google Customer Service department.
    Well this dude even could not tell me where it says in my receipt about 15% restocking fee. Before he said he's "pretty sure". I can say they pretty crooks.

    The restocking fee is just another way to rob you on selling bad product to resell this product again!

    Google do the good product and change your Customer Service bots to the new ones.

    Bottom line: check it first, compare to other devices. Remember you won't be able to return it and get the full refund, if you just opened the box.

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    WOw, a nice giveaway for such a poor person like me,, i really hope i win this,,
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    WOw, a nice giveaway for such a poor person like me,, i really hope i win this,,
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    WOw, a nice giveaway for such a poor person like me,, i really hope i win this,,
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    The build quality looks great. Why no micro SD though? Sure consumers can use a OTG cable with a flash drive but at these prices throw in a SD slot. Samsung is a great company for support. I had trouble getting in touch with both Google and ASUS for my Nexus 7. Battery life sounds great. More Andriod tablets should come pre-rooted. Also nice would be dual boot options with some Linux distros. Not Fedora though.

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