Google Maps Is All You Need for Real-Time Weather Data

Saikat Basu 19-05-2017

You might not remember it, but the classic Google Maps used to show the weather on a layer of its own. One glance at the map and you could decide between sunscreen and an umbrella.


In the new version of Google Maps, weather is somewhat subtler. It may not be informative enough for hardcore weather geeks, but it is sufficient for getting through the day and planning short trips. And yes, it works on mobile versions as well as the web version.

Start by typing a location in the Google Maps search bar. It must be a location (e.g. city, state) and not an address, place of business, etc. The map updates to the spot and displays relevant information on the left sidebar. As you can see in the screenshot below, real-time weather information is displayed just below the image of the location.

Google Maps Is All You Need for Real-Time Weather Data Google Maps Weather

Click on the icon that represents the current weather and you are redirected to the Google Search page which pulls in more detailed data and a forecast.

Google Maps Is All You Need for Real-Time Weather Data Google Weather


Google has applied some wonderful touches to this visual that make it more than just a simple forecast. For example, when you look at the wind speed in weather forecasts, the size of the arrows gets larger for stronger winds. Also, click on the “C” to change temperature metric to Celsius, the wind speed automatically changes to kilometers/hour — and vice versa to miles per hour when you click on the “F”.

Rain or snow can change your ETAs. Any great weather app should tell you the weather at a glance, and it should offer smart forecasts. Google Maps does both without the bloat.

It’s not as great for minute-by-minute route planning in Google Maps, though. For instance, you might want the weather information to progress with where you are during a trip, and show the weather estimate for the destination. The feature is on a wish list somewhere for now.

If you still want to check out additional options, take a look at integrating weather data with the Weatherstack API on your homepage and these free weather apps for forecasts and fun at the same time. Also, take a look at these apps and websites to avoid winter storms How You Can Prepare for Winter Storms With These Apps and Websites You don't want to get caught in a winter storm. Here's how to use technology to avoid winter storms with apps and websites. Read More .

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  1. vferg
    May 19, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    This is just like the google weather app they have been pushing for the last 2 years. Since its release its the only weather app that I believe is needed, it gets right to the point and shows me everything I want to know without having to dig or go to 5 different screens to figure it out. I also love that its already built in to the OS so not installing additional apps is always another plus. The weird part is how to obtain it. You cant find it in the google store, instead you have to go to the google app and type weather. After that it should ask if you want an icon added to the home screen and that's it. I wish they would just add this to the app drawer on every new phone.