Google Launches Person Finder In Turkish In Response To Recent Earthquake [News]

Yaara Lancet 25-10-2011

Google Launches Person Finder In Turkish In Response To Recent Earthquake [News] image229Google has launched its Person Finder service in Turkish following the recent 7.2 earthquake that has struck Turkey. Over 400 people were killed in the earthquake, and many are still missing. Google’s Person Finder aims at helping rescue services and civilians locate missing people by publicly sharing information about them.


Anyone can access the site and enter a new record of a missing person. Other people with relevant information can then update the record accordingly. The information is available publicly and anyone can view it and use it. Rescue teams can also use this information in order to spread their efforts effectively.

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The Google Person Finder service was developed after the 2010 Haiti earthquake in order to provide one central information center for missing person records. According to the service’s FAQ, this year’s tsunami disaster in Japan saw over 600,000 missing person records in the service. The service is being updated solely by users, which should set an expiration date for the record they enter or make sure to delete it when it’s no longer relevant.

Click here to access the Turkish Person Finder.

Source: Google Blog [Broken Link Removed] 
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  1. Perfect Radiance
    October 25, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Google's initiative towards serving people is great. There service would definitely help those who are affected by this earthquake. I pray that God give power to the people of Turkey to face such disastrous situation.

    • Jeff Fabish
      October 25, 2011 at 10:11 pm

      If you believe that god is omnipotent, then he didn't prevent this atrocity from occurring. Hasn't god done enough?