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Google Now Helps You Decide What to Watch

Dave Parrack 06-09-2019

Google can now help you decide what TV show or movie to watch next. You tell Google what sort of movies and TV shows you like, and the company will return recommendations. And it’s all managed by a simple, Tinder-like swipe-right and swipe-left system.


How to Use Google to Find What to Watch Next

Google explains the new feature in a post on The Keyword, saying, “it’s not always easy to choose from all the options out there […] and you might find yourself spending more time browsing across multiple apps than actually watching a movie or TV show.”

Don’t worry, as Google has a new way to help you decide what movie or TV show to watch next. All you need to do is search Google for “what to watch” or “good shows to watch”. You’ll then see the new “Top picks for you” carousel.

Tap the Start button in that carousel and you can begin rating TV shows and movies. Just like Tinder, you just need to swipe-right or swipe-left to indicate your preferences. Swiping right gives a thumbs-up, while swiping left gives a thumbs-down.

You can also drill down into specific genres by searching for things like “horror movies from the 80s” or “adventure documentaries about climbing”. Google will then try to give you options of what to watch in these (very specific to the point of being niche) genres.


Other Ways to Decide What to Watch Next

Once you have found what to watch, Google will help you find where to watch that movie or TV show online. Options will include streaming services you subscribe to, plus places such as YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon where you can purchase the content instead.

This new Google Search feature is now available on mobile in the US. You’ll have to put some effort in though, as Google can only work with what information you provide. Thankfully, there are other websites to find what TV show to watch next 5 Sites to Find Which TV Show to Watch Next Here are five sites that should be able to recommend exactly what you should watch next based on your likes and dislikes. Read More .

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