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Google Glass Prescriptions, 3D Guns Banned, Android Buyers Guide [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 25-11-2013

Today in Tech News Digest, prescription lenses could be coming to Google Glass, the Xbox One succeeds and fails at the same time, Flickr Photo Books arrive, is shuttered, Place Pins come to Pinterest, Philadelphia bans guns (but only the 3D-printed variety), and Eric Schmidt helps out unhappy iPhone users.


Google Glass Gains Actual Glass

Google Glass has had a big week, with a sneak peek of the Glass Development Kit (GDK) showing some of its potential capabilities, and talks taking place to provide prescription lenses for the wearable hardware. This comes not long after a new set of Google Glass features was revealed Google Glass, Customized Twitter, Justin Bieber Selfies [Tech News Digest] Google Glass gains new features and sign-up page, Twitter unveils Custom Timelines, the iPad mini with Retina Display goes on sale, Sony adds confusion to used games policy, and Vine arrives on Windows Phone. Read More , and Google opened interest up to more than just rich geeks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is in talks with VSP Global, an American vision benefits provider, to make frames and lenses for Google Glass. The lenses would allow spectacle wearers to use Glass without limiting their vision, while the frames are likely to increase the range of designs into which the actual technology is incorporated.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch has a short rundown of some of the more interesting Google Glass apps to have emerged recently. These include Word Lens for Glass, which is capable of translating any text you look at while wearing the device. And GolfSight, a GPS rangefinder which promises to offer golfers an augmented round of driving and putting.

As we have said before, Google Glass is currently too expensive and too much of an unknown quantity to be mainstream, but it offers an intriguing vision of the future 5 Reasons Why Google's Project Glass Is The Future & Why That's Awesome [Opinion] Google’s Project Glass has everyone talking. It’s a glimpse of the future of augmented reality, wearable computing, and better integration of the Internet and technology in our day-to-day lives. Imagine replacing your smartphone with a... Read More that could potentially change the world.

Xbox One Succeeds, Fails

Microsoft sold 1 million Xbox Ones in the 24 hours after its release, but not all of those are working as they should. Microsoft has matched the success of the PS4 by hitting the 1 million milestone, but that number includes sales in 13 countries rather than just North America, as Sony’s did. Still, it’s fair to say both consoles had successful first weekends.


Microsoft has managed to match Sony on another score: hardware failures. While some PS4 owners suffered from the BBLoD Bitcoin Bonanza, vBulletin Hack, PS4 Fix, Google Canal View [Tech News Digest] Bitcoin enjoys its biggest day yet, Google and Microsoft combat child porn, Sony fixes bricked PlayStation 4, Pocket 5.0 is released, Venice joins Street View, and YouTube causes the Web to lose its s**t. Read More (Blinking Blue Light of Death), some Xbox One owners have found the disk drives on their new consoles to be less than happy to play games. Microsoft has stated that this issue is only affecting “a very small number of Xbox One customers” and that the company is working hard to “get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program.

Here’s hoping we don’t have another RRoD-sized debacle on our hands.

Flickr Photo Books

Google Glass Prescriptions, 3D Guns Banned, Android Buyers Guide [Tech News Digest] flickr photo books1

Yahoo has launched Flickr Photo Books, which offer those who prefer hard copies of their favorite photos a simple way of taking their creations from the cloud to the real world. The process of creating a Flickr Photo Book is refreshingly simple, though the service is unfortunately only available in the U.S. I’m sure the timing of this launch, with the holidays just around the corner, is a complete coincidence. Because Yahoo.

Advertisement Shutting Down, a virtual DJ app, is shutting down as the company cuts its losses to focus on its new Turntable Live platform. Anyone outside the States won’t care about shutting down, because it was (apart from a month at launch) only available to U.S. residents. Fans of the service have until Dec. 2 to enjoy spinning their vinyl (I know, I’m old).

Place Pins On Pinterest

Google Glass Prescriptions, 3D Guns Banned, Android Buyers Guide [Tech News Digest] place pins pinterest

Several Pinterest rivals have been offering Pinterest-for-location services Plan Future Vacations With These Pinterest-Style Websites For Locations Pinterest has inspired many websites to adopt its look and feel. Pinterest-for-location is a genre all of its own, populated by beautifully designed travel websites. Head towards five of the best. Read More for a while now, but Pinterest itself has finally decided to join the party. The new Place Pins Roam The World One Pin At A Time With Place Pins On Pinterest Visualizing your dream vacation just got easier with the introduction of “Place Pins” by Pinterest. Pinners can create travel focused Place Boards with the help of Place Pins on an interactive map. Read More are designed to allow users to plan the perfect vacation, with placemarkers on a map providing a visual overview of the locations they wish to visit. Unfortunately, Pinterest hasn’t included tips on how to afford these dream vacations.

Philadelphia Bans 3D-Printed Guns

Philadelphia has become the first major American city to ban the manufacture of guns via 3D printers. 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular, and some people fear the consequences of anyone being able to print their own lethal weapons at home.


As a result of this, the Philadelphia City Council unanimously voted to outlaw these weapons, though it admits that the ban is a pre-emptive strike “just based upon internet stuff out there.” Philadephia may be the first American city to ban 3D-printed guns but it’s unlikely to be the last. If you have strong views on the issue feel free to air them in the comments below.

Eric Schmidt’s Guide To Android

And finally, Eric Schmidt wants to write for MakeUseOf, but his day job won’t allow him to do so. Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, is a busy man. But not too busy to write a 900-word guide for those switching from iPhone to Android.

The guide, which he opens by stating, “Many of my iPhone friends are converting to Android,” appeared on Google+ A Guide to Google Tools: Tips and Tricks You Can't Live Without Find tips, tricks, and hacks that'll help you make better use of Google tools you already use. The guide covers five main Google Services. Read More , the much-maligned social networking site Google is forcing down everybody’s throats. It’s a solid guide that’s worth a read, but Schmidt hasn’t done enough to secure a place on the MakeUseOf writing staff. Better luck next time, Schmidty.

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  1. Tom W
    November 25, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    I doubt the XBox hardware issues will be as severe as the RRoD ones were, simply for the fact that Microsoft are admitting there is a problem and taking positive steps to solve it. It was over a year before they admitted that RRoD was a widespread problem, and they suffered a lot of negative PR because of it.

    Regarding the 3D guns, I'm not really a hardware geek but I've been told that it is as cheap to buy the milling equipment to manufacture a gun as it is to buy a 3D printer. Apparently it also takes similar skill. So really, the 3D guns are no more of a threat than already exists.

    • Dave P
      November 26, 2013 at 12:06 am

      Microsoft cannot afford another RRoD. And they're certainly doing the right thing admitting the problem and tackling it immediately.

      That is extremely interesting. This decision was clearly taken out of fear and ignorance, though I can fully understand the concerns. If 3D printers become as ubiquitous as they could do, then there would have to be controls put in place. Is it better to do that preemptively?

    • Tom W
      November 26, 2013 at 10:37 am

      It is possible to make explosives out of things like shampoo, fertiliser, flour, and other easily available ingredients. I don't need a license to buy any of those things. There is a big difference between "Can" and "Will". By attempting to regulate it, all that will happen is that more people will attempt to print them because it will be getting a lot of attention.

      Besides, once you regulate guns, you open the doors for big businesses to restrict all sorts of other items which pose no threat other than potentially eating into their profits.

  2. Raf
    November 25, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Looks like Philly is acting in fear instead of in fact, much like all politicians.

    • Dave P
      November 26, 2013 at 12:02 am

      Not only that but acting out of ignorance too, which is a shame.

    • Robert B
      November 26, 2013 at 8:59 pm

      I am sorry but I seem to be one of the few who still believes in the US Constitution! To my knowledge there has not been a Constitutional congress that has met to change the Constitution. The last time I read it it clearly states that I and any other US citizen has the right to own and bear arms (meaning guns). This law is clearly a violation of the US Constitution!