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Google Launches Virtual Genius Bar, Phishing the Anthem Hack Victims [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 09-02-2015

Google offers virtual tech help, from hacked to phished, free money for Chromecast owners, Evolve’s launch-day patch, Am I Going Down?, and Android promises Friends Furever.


Google Device Experts Lend a Hand

Google has launched Google Device Experts, which is being described as a “virtual Genius Bar.” The Genius Bar is Apple’s help desk for customers in need of assistance 4 Things About Windows That You'll Miss on a Mac Thinking about switching over to a Mac? It's easy to find faults with Windows. But are you aware of the things you'll miss? Read More . Google Device Experts sees customers shopping for hardware on Google Play offered buying advice for Chromebooks The Fundamental Advantages Of Using A Chromebook Chromebooks are highly divisive and a consensus about the merits of Google's offering is a long way from materialising. Here are the key advantages of using a Chromebook when compared to Windows and Macs. Read More , Nexus devices, etc.

While Google isn’t currently offering tech support through this platform, this could be the plan for the future. Google could also introduce virtual help desks into retail stores, with potential buyers able to seek help and advice via video chat. In the meantime, Google told TechCrunch, “We’re in a limited trial of an experimental support feature and gathering feedback.

Anthem Hack Victims are Being Phished

The unfortunate victims of the hack on health insurance firm Anthem The FCC Preserves Net Neutrality, Hackers Attack Health Insurer [Tech News Digest] Net Neutrality rules, Anthem suffers health setback, BT buys EE, tweets on Google, Netflix lands in Japan, and the biggest Super Bowl commercials get remade in LEGO. Read More are now being hit with phishing scams. According to security expert Brian Krebs, opportunistic cybercriminals are targeting Anthem customers with phishing emails and telephone calls designed to steal personal information.

It’s thought that these phishing attempts are random rather than as a direct result of the information stolen in the Anthem hack being sold onto third parties. However, anyone who has ever had dealings with Anthem needs to remain vigilant against anything other than official snail mail correspondence from the company.

Chromecast Owners Given $6 Credit

Google is currently giving away a $6 Google Play credit to all Chromecast users in the U.S. (or £5 in the U.K.). This particular freebie is designed to allow Chromecast users to rent a movie to watch with their significant other on Valentine’s Day Give Cupid A Helping Hand: 4+ Poem Generators Perfect For Valentine's Day Poetry is one of the oldest forms of art, predating literacy thanks to its use in prehistoric society. Back then poems were used in order to help the story contained within them to be memorized... Read More .


Grabbing the free credit is as easy as visiting the Chromecast Offers page using the same WiFi network as your Chromecast Google Chromecast Review and Giveaway We're giving away a Google Chromecast, so read through our review, then join the competition to win! Read More . These regular offerings from Google mean many Chromecast owners have now received freebies worth more than their dongle cost in the first place.

Evolve Requires 3GB Day-One Patch

Evolve, one of our games to look forward to in 2015 15 Unmissable Video Games You Need to Play in 2015 All of these games are due to be released in 2015, meaning this is a list of games you should definitely be keeping an eye out for between now and the beginning of next year. Read More , is due to be released on Tuesday (Feb. 10). Unfortunately, as is the case with so many modern video games, Evolve requires a hefty day-one patch to fix the raft of bugs with which it has shipped.

The 3GB update for the innovative shooter will be required before heading online to battle against other players. As well as the necessary bug fixes, the patch is designed to improve matchmaking load times and optimize network bandwidth Learn The Lingo: Common Gaming Terms You Should Know All hobbies have their own terminology; sets of words and phrases that are only known to those actively involved. Gaming is no exception. What follows are 20 of the most common terms associated with gaming,... Read More .

Am I Going Down? App Crashes Pessimism

There have been a number of horrific plane crashes over the last couple of years, but flying is still, statistically speaking, one of the safest forms of travel available. However, pure stats don’t always manage to counter fear-mongering media reports.


Perhaps Am I Going Down?, an iOS app which calculates the odds of your plane falling from the sky, will do a better job. Am I Going Down? uses historical data to determine how likely your next flight is to crash. Which is almost certain to be millions to one.

Android Wants to be Friends Furever

And finally, Google’s latest Android ad uses cute animals to grab your attention while subtly putting the boot into Apple and its legion of fans. Friends Furever shows examples of different species of animals forming friendships despite their differences.

The closing message, to “Be together. Not the same,” is meant to remind us that while Android powers a huge range of different devices, no two are quite alike. Unlike iOS iOS 8 Is Here: 10 Reasons to Install It Right Away If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you'll want to upgrade it to iOS 8 as soon as possible. Here's why. Read More , which removes an notion of choice or customization. Because Apple knows best. Apparently.

Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Would you ever utilize Google’s virtual Genius Bar? Have you ever fallen for a phishing scam? Would you rather remain ignorant to the risk of your plane crashing?


Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

Image Credit: ReynerMedia via Flickr

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  1. brin
    February 12, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Nice article you got here.

  2. Charles Knippenberg
    February 10, 2015 at 4:48 am

    Yup. I'd use Google' virtual Genius Bar.

  3. dragonmouth
    February 9, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    "Anthem Hack Victims are Being Phished"
    Cybercriminals have to make a living, too. Thet're just taking advantage of an opportunity that presented itself.

    "statistically speaking"
    Lies, damned lies and statistics.

    "flying is still, statistically speaking, one of the safest forms of travel available. "
    Until it happens to you. Then it is no longer statistics, it is a fact.