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This Awesome Game by Google Teaches Your Kids to Stay Safe Online

Saikat Basu 19-02-2018

Today, kids face cyber threats every second they are online. Unfortunately, kids will only learn so much about internet safety from articles and videos. If you really want those lessons to stick, a game might have a longer lasting impact 6 Internet Safety Games To Help Kids Become Cyber Smart It's important to educate children about online safety: content, scams, and the people who inhabit it. What better way to do that then through games? Here are six of the best. Read More .


Perhaps that’s why Google created an internet safety game of their own. Show them the link because you shouldn’t leave the safety of your children to chance.

Google calls it “Be Internet Awesome” but the Interland game is the fun part of it as it takes kids on an adventure where they get to battle cyberbullies, hackers, phishers, and even outsmart over sharers.

The adventure is built around four challenges. Each challenge or mini-game teaches the kids something about undesirable internet behavior and how to avoid it.

  1. Mindful Mountain (Share with Care)
  2. Tower of Treasure (Secure Your Secrets)
  3. Kind Kingdom (It’s Cool to be Kind)
  4. Reality River (Don’t Fall for Fake)

As you can guess, the four challenges will teach children the values of careful sharing, safety and privacy, alertness, and kindness. All players are free to roam around four floating islands on a quest that will throw up challenges, puzzles, and quizzes related to online safety. The game is free and can be played on all major web browsers.

The visuals are colorful and simple. Your kids should feel at home if they have played Minecraft. But even as the games come to an end, don’t forget that it also comes with a serious curriculum on internet safety. Parents, teachers, and children are encouraged to go through it and improve their cyber smartness.


Flame wars and even cyberbullying is running amok on the web of today. This little educator is a gentle introduction to the skills kids will need to combat them.

Image Credit: Syda_Productions/Depositphotos

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