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Google’s Game of the Year Tests Your Knowledge of 2018

Dave Parrack 28-12-2018

How well do you think you know what trended in 2018? If you think you have your finger on the pulse of popular culture you should play Google’s Game of the Year 2018. This short and simple quiz tests you on what people searched for on Google through 2018.


2018 has been a rather strange year, with Trump’s tweets, Musk’s meltdown, Facebook’s failings, and more besides. Lots of people, places, objects, and phrases have also trended upwards. And it’s all on show in Google’s Game of the Year for 2018.

Play Google’s Game of the Year 2018

The quiz is conducted by a virtual host, which is nothing more than a set of colored shapes. However, you can customize the unnamed host by changing the speed and pitch of his voice before you start. Doing so will elicit a series of sarcastic responses.

Google’s Game of the Year is a series of questions related to what people searched for in 2018. You’ll be asked up to 20 questions, plus play some bonus rounds. However, you only have three lives, so once you’ve answered three questions incorrectly you’re out.

Google's Game of the Year 2018 Score

The questions all pitch various things together and ask you to identify which one people searched for more in 2018 than in 2017. And it’s a lot harder than you might imagine, especially when Google asks you to choose from more than just two things.


Once you’ve been knocked out you’ll be awarded a score, and Google will invite you to share it on Facebook or Twitter. I’d recommend playing the quiz a few times first though, as you’re bound to score more highly the second or third time of playing.

Google’s Top Searches of 2018

If you play Google’s Game of the Year 2018 and score badly, you should check out Google’s top searches of 2018 Google Reveals the Top Searches of 2018 Thanks to Google's Year in Search 2018, We now know what everyone searched for in 2018... Read More before giving it another go. After all, who better to know what was trending in 2018 than Google itself. Because Search is literally its business.

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