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Google Files Now Helps You Play Your Media Offline

Dave Parrack 02-08-2019

Google has upgraded its Files app, adding two new features. The first is a new set of controls making it easier to play your local media offline. The second is a new all-black dark theme which should reduce eye strain and preserve your phone’s battery life.


What Is Google Files and How Does It Work?

Google Files, which was launched as Files Go Google's New Files Go App: Everything You Need to Know Files Go is the new file explorer direct from Google -- so how is it? Read More in November 2017, is primarily designed to free up space on your phone. However, it now does so much more, including helping you find files faster, share your files offline, and back up your files to the cloud.

According to The Keyword, 100 million people now use Google’s Files app every month. And while Google Files was built with people in developing countries (who suffer from low phone storage) in mind, the app has proved a hit with Android users around the world.

Google Adds New Features to the Files App

The popularity of Files has encouraged Google to add new features to the app. The latest being a new all-black dark theme and a new set of media controls. Neither of these are mind-blowing additions, but they make it more worthy of downloading and installing.

The new all-black dark theme does exactly what it says on the tin. Once you install it, the app turns black, with the text picked out in white and pale blue. Google claims this can both help reduce the chance of eye strain and preserve your phone’s battery life.

The new media controls include Skip, Rewind, and Fast-Forward. And these enable you to play your media files—music and/or videos—offline using the Google Files app. Which could be useful for people unwilling or unable to use a streaming app.


Download: Google Files on Android

How to Enable Dark Mode in Your Web Browsers

Google Files is an extremely useful app to have installed on your phone. Especially for those people with a lack of storage. And with these new features—as minor as they may be in the big scheme of things—Google has just made its Files app even better.

Given the increasing understanding of how staring at a screen all day is affecting us all, most apps now offer dark modes or dark themes. And this includes the popular web browsers. So, with that in mind, here’s how to enable dark mode in your web browser How to Enable Dark Mode in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Edge Using a dark background with light text on screens and devices while in the dark can help reduce eye strain. Read More .

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    August 4, 2019 at 12:40 am

    Google chrome is the most downloaded app on play store with 5billion+ downloads according to google play store.