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Google’s Datally Helps You Save Mobile Data

Dave Parrack 30-11-2017

Google has released a new app designed to keep your other apps in check. It’s for Android, naturally, is called Datally, and is all about helping you save your mobile data. Even if you never run out of mobile data, Datally can help you learn more about the way apps consume data.


Almost everything you do on a smartphone requires data, which is why many of us are always on the lookout for Wi-Fi. However, while sending an email doesn’t consume much, watching Netflix on the go More People Are Binge-Watching Netflix at Work Much has been written about how Netflix has propagated binge-watching on a massive scale. So what exactly is the deal with people who spend their days watching Netflix? Read More burns through it. Google wants to help you save data, and thinks Datally is the solution.

One App to Rule Them All

Datally is a standalone app that measures in at just 6MB. It essentially brings features that are currently hidden within Android’s settings menu out into the open. According to Google’s own The Keyword, Datally will help you understand your data, control your data, and save your data.

Datally will help you understand your data by showing you how much you’re using on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The app will also recommend how you can save more data.

Datally will help you control your data with the use of a Data Saver. This blocks apps from using data in the background, and lets you track data usage in real-time for each of your apps.

Datally will help you save your data by informing you if and when you come into range of public Wi-Fi. You can also rate the quality of the network to help other users in the future.


Google has been testing Datally in the Philippines for several months, and claims that people using the app are saving up to 30 percent of their data as a result. Datally is now available around the world from the Google Play Store for all phones running Android 5.0 or later.

Datally Could Prove Invaluable

Datally won’t be for everyone. If you have more mobile data at your disposal than you know what to do with then you can afford to have endless apps running in the background. However, for the rest of us, who strive to save data Save Mobile Data with Lite Alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, and More Data consumption matters, especially if you're on a limited data plan. The biggest culprits of data hogging are social apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and others. Try the lighter versions of these popular apps. Read More whenever possible, Datally could prove to be invaluable.

Do you have enough mobile data to get you through the month? Are you happy with the amount of money you pay for mobile data? Will you be installing Datally in an effort to wrestle back control of your mobile data usage? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. gazoo
    December 1, 2017 at 5:18 am

    Why so many permissions? I appreciate a heads-up on new and useful apps but... for a technical site visited by mostly technical users, isn't it time we start delving a little deeper than tossing some basic app info on a site - ala blogspam?

    This app needs precise location (GPS). It needs read, write and send for SMS. Doesn't this, at the very least, raise a question or two before an article goes live?