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Google Now Lets You Customize Your News Feed

Dave Parrack 19-07-2017

Google is making the Google app most of us have on our phones much more useful. And it’s all thanks to “the Feed”. The Feed being an endless stream of stories and articles about the topics you’re interested in. And it resides right in the Google app, immediately underneath the Search bar.


Google makes most of its money from the ads which everyone hates AdBlock, NoScript & Ghostery - The Trifecta Of Evil Over the past few months, I've been contacted by a good number of readers who have had problems downloading our guides, or why they can't see the login buttons or comments not loading; and in... Read More but which most websites, including us, need to exist. But when most ordinary internet users think of Google, they think of searching the web and finding exactly what they need. And the Feed is an extension of that.

Feeding Your Need for Information

In a nutshell, Google’s new Feed will offer content Google thinks you want to see. This will be based on your interactions with Google, as well as what’s trending in your area and beyond. While Google will do most of the heavy lifting, you’ll be able to customize your feed by following certain topics after you’ve searched for them.

Google outlines the thinking behind the Feed in a blog post on The Keyword. The company states that the Feed is designed to make it “easier than ever to discover, explore and stay connected to what matters to you, even when you don’t have a query in mind”. And that last part of the sentence is key.

The Feed changes the Google app from a passive tool that’s there when you need it, into an active hub of activity. Previously, you would think of something you needed to find online, open the Google app, do what’s necessary, and then close the app. Now, you may open the Google app when you’re bored 20 Fun Things to Do Online When You're Bored at Work These websites are guaranteed to ease your boredom at work. Because we know that even the best jobs have their bad points and those moments when boredom sets in. Read More , and scroll through the articles Google thinks you’ll want to read.

One of the ways Google’s Feed will be different from Facebook, Twitter, et al is the relevance of the articles it surfaces. While social networks prioritize what’s new and fresh, Google prioritizes what’s relevant. That’s true for Google Search, and true too for Google’s new Feed.


U.S. readers should be able to access the Feed from today (July 19) just by updating the Google app on Android or on iOS. It will then roll out internationally over the next couple of weeks.

Changing the Way We All Use Google

Google’s new Feed is a huge change in how Google interacts with its users How Search Engines Work & Ways to Improve Your Search Results Tired of searching a bunch of times to find what you want? Here's how search engines actually work and what to do to make your searches faster and more accurate. Read More . It’s still delivering the information people want in front of them, but it’s no longer delivering it on demand. Instead, Google is building a constantly changing Feed of information geared towards you, and no one else but you. Which is pretty exciting.

Do you use the Google app on your phone? Do you like the idea of a Feed you can customize to suit your tastes? Or do you think Google should stick to delivering search results? What topics will you be adding to your Google Feed? The comments are open below…

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