Google Correlate: View Closely Matched Keywords Based On Search Volume

Israel Nicolas 23-02-2012

Google is the largest single mine of keyword data. They also give us tools that can help look up keyword data such as Google Trends, Adword Keyword Tool, and Google Insights. Google Correlate is another effective tool that creates a list of keywords based on the highest correlation of search volume.


google correlate

To make use of this tool, it is best that we define correlation first. A correlation is a mutual relationship or interdependence of two or more things. In this case, Google answers the question – which keywords have the most comparable pattern of search activity? This gives you another way to search for highly related keywords.

You can filter the list by country, weekly time series, monthly time series, or US state. You can also find a graph below to visualize their correlations. This tool is very useful not only for Internet marketers, and SEO, but also for market researchers, students, or anyone that is interested in keyword data and search patterns.


  • Creates highly-correlated keyword sets.
  • Filter by country, time series, and US state.
  • Show the best-matched keywords based on search volume.
  • Export Data as CSV.

Check out Google Correlate @

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