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The Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Ben Stegner Updated 01-04-2019

With how popular Google Chrome is, you’re probably pretty familiar with how to use it to cruise around the web. But did you know Chrome has a ton of keyboard shortcuts that let you access its most important features instantly?


Whether you want to zip around tabs or avoid digging through menus, keyboard shortcuts will get you there quickly. Here’s a list of handy Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts you must know.

The Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Windows/Linux ShortcutMac ShortcutAction
Navigating Tabs and Windows
Ctrl + NCmd + NOpen new window
Ctrl + Shift + NCmd + Shift + NOpen new incognito window
Ctrl + TCmd + TOpen new tab
Ctrl + WCmd + WClose current tab
Ctrl + Shift + WCmd + Shift + WClose current window
Ctrl + Shift + TCmd + Shift + TReopen last closed tab
Ctrl + 1 — Ctrl + 8Cmd + 1 — Cmd + 8Switch to tab 1-8
Ctrl + 9Cmd + 9Switch to last tab
Ctrl +TabCmd + Option + RightMove to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + TabCmd + Option + LeftMove to prior tab
Ctrl + ClickCmd + ClickOpen link in a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + ClickCmd + Shift + ClickOpen link in a new tab and switch to it immediately
Shift + ClickShift + ClickOpen link in a new window
Alt + LeftCmd + [Go back one page
Alt + RightCmd + ]Go forward one page
Alt + HomeCmd + Shift + HOpen your homepage in the current tab
Ctrl + Shift + QCmd + QQuit Chrome
General Chrome Functions
Ctrl + PCmd + POpen Print dialog
Ctrl + SCmd + SSave the current webpage
Ctrl + RCmd + RRefresh the page
Ctrl + Shift + RCmd + Shift + RRefresh the page without loading cache
EscEscStop page from loading
Ctrl + OCmd + OOpen a file
Ctrl + HCmd + YView History
Ctrl + JCmd + Shift + JOpen Downloads
Ctrl + DCmd + DBookmark current page
Ctrl + Shift + DCmd + Shift + DBookmark all open tabs
Ctrl + Shift + BCmd + Shift + BToggle bookmarks bar
Alt + EOpen Chrome's menu
Ctrl + Shift + OCmd + Option + BOpen Bookmark Manager
Search + EscOpen Chrome Task Manager
Ctrl + UCmd + Option + UView page source
Ctrl + Shift + JCmd + Option + IOpen the Developer Tools panel
Ctrl + Shift + DelCmd + Shift + DeleteOpen Clear Browsing Data menu
Ctrl + Shift + MCmd + Shift + MOpen Users menu to log in as someone else
Webpage Navigation
Ctrl + Plus (+)Cmd + Plus (+)Zoom in
Ctrl + Minus (-)Cmd + Minus (-)Zoom out
Ctrl + 0 (Zero)Cmd + 0 (Zero)Reset zoom to 100%
F11Cmd + Ctrl + FToggle full-screen mode
Ctrl + FCmd + FSearch the current page
SpaceSpaceMove down the page
Shift + SpaceShift + SpaceMove up the page
HomeCmd + UpGo to top of current page
EndCmd + DownGo to bottom of current page
Ctrl + LCmd + LSelect all text in the address bar
Ctrl + EnterCmd + EnterAdd "www." and ".com" to text in the address bar and open page
Ctrl + KCmd + Option + FMoves cursor to the address bar to perform a Google search
Shift + Alt + BHighlight bookmarks bar; use arrows to navigate
Shift + Alt + THighlight the icons in the address bar row
Alt + ClickOption + ClickDownload the target of a link
Alt + Space + NMaximize current window
Alt + Space + XCmd + MMinimize current window
F1Open Chrome help
Alt + Shift + IOpen a form to send feedback on Chrome
Text Editing
Ctrl + BackspaceOption + DeleteDelete previous word
Ctrl + Alt + BackspaceOption + Fn + DeleteDelete next word
Ctrl + ACmd + ASelect all
Ctrl + Right/LeftOption + Right/LeftMove the cursor to the next/previous word
Ctrl + Shift + Right/LeftOption + Shift + Right/LeftSelect next/previous word
Ctrl + Shift + End/HomeCommand + Shift + Right/LeftSelect all text to the end/beginning of the current line
Ctrl + End/HomeCmd + Down/UpJump to the end/beginnning of a text field/document
Ctrl + CCmd + CCopy
Ctrl + XCmd + XCut
Ctrl + VCmd + VPaste
Ctrl + Shift + VCmd + Shift + VPaste without formatting
Ctrl + ZCmd + ZUndo
Ctrl + YCmd + Shift + ZRedo

Better Browsing Thanks to Chrome Shortcuts

Hopefully, you learned some new shortcuts from this list! Now you don’t have to dig through so many lists of options and click around wildly to navigate tabs. Of course, not all of them are useful for everyone, so pick a few and try them first. A lot of them are common across many apps (like the shortcuts for Save and Open), so those ones should be pretty easy to remember.

By the way, many of these shortcuts are quite similar to those used on Chrome OS. If you have a Chromebook or are thinking about getting one, be sure to take a look at our Chromebook keyboard shortcuts guide All Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts: The Chrome OS Cheat Sheet Our mega list of Chromebook keyboard shortcuts will help you blaze through everyday tasks when using Chrome OS. Read More .

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    Thank u so much for the shortcuts.. before finding this article i used to get irritated during browsing. thanks again.