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7 Chrome Extensions for a Productive New Business Year

Sandy Writtenhouse 05-01-2018

Whether you work online for someone else or for yourself, getting tedious tasks done quickly is essential.


If you use Google Chrome, you can use business extensions that help you work faster Speed Up Tab Handling on Chrome with These 7 Extensions Chrome’s built-in tab management features can help you manage tabs well, but extensions from the Chrome Web Store can do that job even better. Read More and with less effort. The tools can assist you with meetings, screen sharing, documents, and more.

1. Meetingbird

When you need to schedule a meeting, it can be difficult when many participants are involved. Finding availability for each person can be daunting. Meetingbird is a Chrome extension that can help you plan and book that meeting in no time.

Meetingbird works with Gmail and Google Inbox, letting you share your availability with others and allowing them to choose a meeting time that works for them.

From your inbox, you can pop right into your Google Calendar and select possible meeting times. Pick a topic, duration, location, and add a description and then copy and paste the link into your email. When your recipient clicks the link, they will be taken to where they can see your available times.

Meetingbird - Google Chrome business extension


Another handy feature of Meetingbird is inserting your available times right into the email. Your recipient can see your times directly in the message and click one to reserve that slot on

Meetingbird - Google Chrome business extension

The extension places a convenient sidebar view of your calendar with additional options for scheduling, adding reminder emails, viewing shared calendars, and providing URLs you can share. For a terrific and simple way to plan and schedule your meetings The Perfect Meeting Blueprint (Templates Included) Effective meeting requests can help everyone save time and have more productive meetings. Our blueprint will help you write clear meeting objectives and successfully engage your attendees. Read More , check out Meetingbird.

2. CrankWheel Screen Sharing

For sharing your screen The 6 Best Free Online Screen Sharing Tools and Websites Who says sharing your screen with others has to be complicated? Use these free online screen sharing tools with ease! Read More with a coworker, client, or your boss, CrankWheel is a wonderful extension for Chrome. Within seconds, you can share your browser tab, program window, or entire screen. Just click the toolbar button, choose which one you want to share, and click the button once more to start.


You can then share your link via email or copy and send it yourself. Once your viewer clicks the link you provide, you will see that in the CrankWheel window and are ready to share. You also have the option to add more viewers, which is convenient if you want others to join partway through. When you want to stop sharing your screen, just click the Stop button in the CrankWheel window.

Crankwheel - Google Chrome business extension

One more great feature of CrankWheel is that you can schedule a meeting to share your screen. Click that button from the CrankWheel window and then give your meeting a name and copy the text with the link. You can then add it to your meeting request or participant’s email.

Crankwheel - Google Chrome business extension


As you can see in the above screen shot, CrankWheel is accessible to your viewers on their browser or mobile device. There are no worries of downloads or installations. For a worry-free way to share your screen, CrankWheel is an awesome Chrome extension.

3. Screencastify Screen Video Recorder

Maybe sharing your screen in real-time isn’t for you. If you need to create a recording of your screen for a meeting, training session, or tutorial, Screencastify is an excellent extension. You do not have to install special software or use complex configurations, just click the toolbar button and you are on your way.

You have options to record your current browser tab, entire desktop, or just use the camera. Then, make your selections for audio and video recording. The extension does include a few advanced settings for a resolution limit, countdown, and drawing tools by clicking the gear icon. You can also decide where to save your recordings, whether locally or to Google Drive.

Screencastify - Google Chrome business extension


You can pause, restart, or stop your recording at any time by clicking the toolbar button. And, this button will appear red while you are recording. If you would like to view your recordings quickly, just click the button at the top of the extension’s window next to the gear icon.

Screencastify is a free extension that gives you 50 videos per month and a 10-minute video length limit. But if you need more, you can check out the premium version for unlimited times and videos.

4. Office Online

If you receive and work with Microsoft Office documents, but do not have the software installed, then Office Online is the extension for you. With this handy tool, you can view, edit, and create Office Online files right from Chrome. Plus, you can work with OneNote and Sway Online as well.

Click the toolbar button and then choose the web application you would like to open. You can also see a list of your recent documents or upload and open a new one. Note that the first time you use the extension, you must log in with your Microsoft account. And you can sign out of the extension by clicking the arrow at the top next to your profile picture.

Office Online - Google Chrome business extension

Even if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, the extension can be quite handy for fast document viewing and editing. So take a look and make working with Office files a bit easier.

5. Gmelius

Gmelius is for Gmail users who could use an inclusive tool for tracking, scheduling, reminders, notes, tasks, and templates. You can schedule emails to be sent from one, two, or four hours, later today, tomorrow morning or afternoon, this weekend, or next week. Or pick a custom date and time, include a follow-up, or set a recurring message.

To track an email, just click the checkbox button for Gmelius at the bottom of your compose window. You can also use built-in templates for quick message composing or save an email you are writing as a template for future use.

Gmelius - Google Chrome business extension

Gmelius includes a convenient to-do feature where you can turn any message into a task due today, tomorrow, or in the future. Click the To-Do List label to see, prioritize, complete, or change the date of your tasks.

Gmelius - Google Chrome business extension

You can use these Gmelius feature for free during a trial period. Then, upgrade to a paid account or continue using the free version with just the tracking and customizations feature.

6. MindMap Tab

Have you ever worked on a project and a new task or item for it popped into your head out of the blue? The MindMap Tab extension for Chrome can help you to capture that thought before it’s gone. Just click the toolbar button and set up your first, main node. Then add sub-nodes using indents.

You can copy your mind map as plain text, markdown, or HTML, or export it as an image file. If you want to create an additional mind map, just click New and give it a name. And, you can change the layout from focusing on the mind map or the text which will make that part of the window larger. You can also view either the mind map or text solely.

MindMap Tab - Google Chrome business extension

While MindMap Tab may not provide the prettiest mind map with fancy colors and adjustable shapes, it does serve its purpose. You won’t forget another item for your project if you can add it quickly 8 MS Word Templates That Help You Brainstorm & Mind Map Your Ideas Quickly Free Word templates are not just about beautiful documents, perfect resumes, and cover pages. They can be vital for brainstorming and mind maps too. Here are eight Word templates for your ideation needs. Read More and that’s what this extension lets you do.

7. World Clock [No Longer Available]

One final Chrome extension that sounds simple but is extremely useful is World Clock. If you need to call clients or coworkers around the world, you can check out what time it is for them with a click. Hit the toolbar button and the World Clock page will open. You can enter a city, country, or time zone and not only see the current time but add it to your list so you see it each time you use the extension.

World Clock - Google Chrome business extension

Another nice feature of World Clock is that you can fast-forward time. If you are planning a call or meeting for later, view what time it will be in all of your saved areas. As you move the slider at the bottom, each location’s clock will change automatically.

Again, this may be a very basic extension, but if you do business with others around the country or worldwide, it is a beneficial tool to add to your browser.

Application-Specific Extensions

If you use certain software for your business like Zoho for CRM or GoToMeeting for meetings, Chrome offers extensions for those as well. Here are several that might be just what you need:

Which Chrome Extensions Help You Do Business?

The Chrome Web Store has a huge variety and excellent collection of extensions The Best Chrome Extensions A list of only the best extensions for Google Chrome, including suggestions from our readers. Read More . From personal options like music 20 Awesome Music Extensions for Chrome For those of us who love using Chrome for our daily browsing, having the perfect music extensions on hand is pretty much essential to enjoying the day. Music is life. Read More and gaming to business extensions like those listed here, you can find almost any tool to enhance your browser experience and get things done.

Do you have a favorite Chrome extension that you use for business purposes? Is it a task list, email notifier, or document editor? Let us know in the comments below what it is and how it helps you!

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    January 8, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Great list. I use the Cerri task manager to create to-do tasks directly from my inbox that I can assign to others.