Google Begins Major YouTube HDR Rollout for Android Mobile App
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YouTube has begun rolling out HDR support for users on select Android devices — but not yet for iOS. YouTube began HDR support for users watching videos through TV apps last November, and this update marks the first time the Google-owned service has offered HDR to smartphones.

YouTube HDR on Android

HDR support means better picture quality, with higher contrast, more vibrant colors, and better depth of color in dark scenes.

The HDR YouTube mobile update will be rolling out to the Google Pixel, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note S8, and Sony Experia XZ Premium devices, all through the YouTube mobile app. The software update has actually already rolled out, meaning if your YouTube app recently updated on those devices, check out the new video setting.Google Begins Major YouTube HDR Rollout for Android Mobile App YouTube App 1080pHDR

YouTube will continue to work with a number of smartphone manufacturers to bring HDR support more devices. However, as yet, there is no solid timeline for other additional support.

There is a reasonable amount of existing HDR content on YouTube, but tracking things that are mobile compatible down is actually quite difficult. I’ve seen a few videos that offer 1080pHDR, but nothing offering 1440pHDR, or more.

HDR Adoption

HDR technology is still not broadly adopted technology, especially in terms of video content. Due to the lifespan of some newer TVs, and the lifecycle and uptake of technologies like HDR, many users are not yet ready to upgrade to a HDR screen.

The flipside is that as services like YouTube upgrade their apps to stream in HDR, some users will realize the same vibrant quality is available on the big screen, too. Furthermore, if you frequently upgrade your phone, it won’t be long before you’re holding a device that can shoot HDR quality video.

Heck, you might be holding one already.

Is there enough HDR content for this to excite you? Or is it something to look forward to in the future? Let us know your thoughts below!

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  1. Jon
    September 8, 2017 at 11:46 pm

    Article title should be "Google Begins" not "Google Beings".

    • Gavin Phillips
      September 9, 2017 at 10:19 pm

      Gosh. What an oversight. Cheers!