Google Assistant vs. Bixby: Does Samsung Have Any Hope?

Megan Ellis 11-07-2017

Samsung introduced Bixby earlier this year — and with the dedication of a whole button to the voice-controlled assistant, fans had high hopes. It’s been over two months since the Samsung Galaxy S8’s release, and Bixby is still trying to find its place.


So, what can Bixby do and how does it compare to its main Android competitor, Google Assistant?

Bixby Functionality

press for bixby

Samsung announced its new artificial intelligence assistant to much fanfare at their #UnboxYourPhone reveal of their latest flagship devices. The company promised an intelligent assistant that would simplify the internet of Things — along with a special Bixby Vision feature.

“Fundamentally different from other voice agents or assistants in the market, Bixby offers a deeper experience,” Samsung said in a statement after the announcement.

The AI is supposed to be different through its ability to interact with a multitude of apps, its context awareness, and its tolerance for deviations from normal commands.


The abilities of the AI at launch included:

  • Customized news alerts.
  • Weather updates.
  • Bixby Vision.
  • Activity tracking.
  • Specific text commands.

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Bixby Vision

The Bixby Vision functionality was one of the most promising features of the assistant. It could recognize an object in real life when you take a picture, and then search online for similar products.

bixby vision


However when people were able to use the function, it served little practical use. The image recognition still uses broad categories. Taking a photo of a specific product, such as your Fossil mechanical watch for example, won’t bring up variations of the same design or brand. You will simply get a list of watches in general.

This doesn’t help you if you’re looking to identify a specific product. If you’re looking for alternatives, the listings are so broad that you’d be better off just searching for yourself.

A more useful feature is the ability to recognize landmarks — but again, these are things you probably already know. It won’t necessarily identify a lesser-known building for you.

So Bixby Vision turned out to be little more than a gimmick with possible potential.


Bixby Without Voice

But what about the rest of Bixby? The AI seemed to offer an alternative to Google Assistant and Siri. It even had a launch date that would see it arrive in some territories before Google Assistant’s full roll-out to older Android devices.

But what many ended up with was a product that was woefully lacking. My own experience of Bixby while reviewing the phone was “Oh, cool,” with the novelty wearing off within minutes. Nothing jumped out as a real reason to opt for it over Google Assistant, except that Bixby was on the S8 before Assistant was rolled out in South Africa.

The Bixby home screen amounted to a more minimalistic Google Now interface, but it didn’t offer anything else I hadn’t already been accustomed to.

bixby example samsung galaxy s8


Most of the potential was with voice commands, but Samsung had bad news on that front.

Bixby’s language support would initially begin with Korean, and later expand to English. After a two-month wait, U.S. users who signed up for the beta got their first peek at Bixby Voice at the end of June — but the rest of the U.S., and English speakers outside the region, will have to wait longer still.

This is great for people with beta access in the U.S., but for anyone outside of America or South Korea, the vast majority of the AI’s best functionality is still yet to arrive.

Bixby Voice

The biggest defining aspect of Bixby Voice, when compared to Google Assistant, is the increased specificity in the voice commands. Rather than simply launching your camera, you can command the assistant to open your camera in panorama mode. You can even set a photo timer.

Some other commands include opening settings and making the display brighter.

This increased control through voice command is one of the AI’s most promising aspects. It could even outperform Google Assistant, which still has more generalized commands. However, there’s theory, and then there’s execution. With Bixby still in beta, some are noticing sluggish performance and the inability to answer questions outside of commands.

Samsung might hesitate to compare itself directly to Google Assistant, with them poising Bixby as a complementary app rather than a competitor. But with the sheer amount of emphasis on the AI through its own dedicated button, the company is definitely pushing you to use Bixby.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant 10 Things You Didn't Know Google Assistant Could Do Android's version of Siri---Google Assistant---is more powerful than most people realize. Read More has definitely had more time to work out its kinks and bugs. The internet company released its preview along with the Google Allo app last year.

But Assistant’s predecessor, Google Now, was already an established and useful tool for Android users. A certain number of commands were possible — you could initiate Google searches, and you could set alarms and reminders.

Google Assistant brought all this, along with more intelligent and nuanced capabilities, and a side of charm.

google assistant games

More apps can now be controlled using the assistant, and it integrates with Google’s other apps to add even more functionality. With Google Photos, for example, you can request specific pictures through the assistant (i.e. “Show me my pictures of myself”).

The assistant also takes on a slight personality, with a sense of humor programmed into it, along with the ability to hold simple conversations.

When asked “How do you compare to Siri?” Google Assistant responds with “It’s hard to compare, we’re like apples and oranges. Because Siri works for Apple and I… like oranges”.


There are even a few mini games you can play with the AI if you’re feeling especially bored. You have a magic-eight-ball-esque feature called Crystal Ball, you can guess movies based on emojis, and you can even play tic-tac-toe and solitaire.

It doesn’t have the same level of specificity that Bixby’s commands have, but there are a few useful specific functions. For example, you can command the assistant to send a text message to a contact while dictating the specific message.

With its headstart on voice functionality, rollout to older devices, and familiarity due to its predecessor, Google Assistant has a lot working in its favor.

Could Bixby Eventually Gain an Edge?

Much of the hope for Bixby relies on its future potential, especially in light of the Samsung smart device ecosystem.

While Google has its own smart devices, such as Google Home, there has been limited rollout outside of the U.S. Not even the Google Pixel made it to all the markets in which its release was initially planned.

Samsung on the other hand has recently started to push its Internet of Things devices The 10 Best Internet of Things Gadgets You Must Try Just a decade ago, gadgets like these were the stuff of imagination. But now, Internet-connected toys, headphones, luggage and more are widely available. Here are some amazing products you should definitely check out! Read More more heavily, even in developing markets. At the Samsung Africa Forum 2017, Samsung announced plans to roll out more smart devices and its SmartThings hub to the continent, starting in South Africa.

Considering that many Samsung devotees across the world have smart Samsung TVs and smart appliances in their houses, wouldn’t Bixby be primed to bring it all together?

Well, it would be — but Bixby needs to get off the ground first. Furthermore, Samsung hasn’t explicitly outlined any plans for Bixby integration into their smart appliances.


Then again, Google’s virtual assistant is more ubiquitous. It is rolling out to all devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, which includes phones that are already two generations old. A multitude of smart devices are compatible with the AI, due to the widespread usage of Android. Meanwhile, the Chromecast has turned even normal televisions to smarter versions of themselves.

The only thing keeping Google back is availability. But in its home market, the U.S., it is primed to dominate.

Which Do You Prefer?

Don’t write Bixby off just yet — the assistant just has a long way to go. Many of its touted abilities aren’t usable due to the lack of Bixby Voice’s rollout. There’s no point promoting a revolutionary AI if the majority of your market is locked out of even seeing it.

Bixby has a relatively unique capability with its Vision feature, but it needs to move the functionality past a gimmick if it really wants to stay ahead. Google announced at their I/O conference earlier this year that they are planning to create a product called Google Lens. Lens would have all the functions of Bixby, but with added practicality. This includes being able to recognize the species of a flower in a picture you’ve taken.

Google Assistant has had a longer period of testing than Bixby. So it’s only fair to give Samsung’s assistant some time to iron out the kinks. However, much of the impatience is due to under-delivery on expected rollout. If you’re going to use Google Assistant, a good place to start is with these useful OK Google voice commands OK, Google: 20 Useful Things You Can Say to Your Android Phone Google Assistant can help you get a lot done on your phone. Here are a whole bunch of basic but useful OK Google commands to try. Read More .

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  1. Janey SashaLynn Eslick
    March 31, 2018 at 4:13 am

    Can someone explain why we need Bixby if we have Google assist? I have found Google assist to be way more reliable. Why not just upgrade Google assist?

  2. Timothy Greenway
    March 17, 2018 at 4:45 am

    I just recently purchased the Galaxy s8 edge plus. I use the Google assistant, mainly because I am more familiar with it. I have asked Bixby to turn on my flashlight and it worked just fine. I think we as a society get used to certain things and it's hard to change.

  3. Mike Oxlong
    January 31, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    The thing that sticks in my throat is - paying heavily for a phone with an irremovable app that was not wanted or needed. Yes I have tried it and yes there are a few novelty tricks but nothing that I can't do already and certainly does not warrant the premium cost. The frustration and disappointment of Bixby out ways any reason to change the way I currently use my phone or to bare with it whilst it improves. This is my phone and as a paying customer, I demand to choose what apps I use or delete. Thank goodness Samsung relented & allowed the disabling of the Bixby button as this, in my opinion, ruined what is - the best phone on the market. Bixby is not for the user - its for Samsung. Rather than phone + apps, we have app (Bixby) + phone. Unless Bixby is optional - I will not be wasting my money on any further Samsung products. Just the 'B' word infuriates me!

    • Jeremiah McKenna
      December 25, 2018 at 3:45 am

      Unfortunately, you don't really own the phone. Read the agreement you signed when you started leasing the phone.

    • Jeremiah McKenna
      December 25, 2018 at 3:49 am

      Unfortunately you don't own the phone, you can only 'use' the phone. Read the 'user' agreement. Notice it doesn't say 'owners' agreement.

  4. Owen
    November 12, 2017 at 6:47 am

    Note 8 . Tested Nov 2017. Google is better in voice recognition. I.e I asked bixby 'open BOM website's that's the bureau of meteorology in Australia. Each of the three attempts it understood 'bomb website's. Google on the other hand did the job perfectly. Another attempt: open duo (Google vc app): bixby - failed, Google launched it. Torch light was activated by both. For now I prefer Google as it is more reliable. Also the game to earn experience points by the amount of bixby commands issued is childish.. tells me more that Samsung needs ppl to have a real reason of treat to get in order to use it.

    July 12, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    I have been using the Bixby voice since the beta came out. If you are not going to try the app out then you cannot give bad reviews on it. I agree with everyone in that it was too delayed!!! But as for the app itself, it is phenomenal!! Of course it is beta so it does need work but I will continue to try it and still use Google Assistant as well.

    • Megan Ellis
      July 12, 2017 at 1:04 pm

      Hi Marsh

      Sorry that you see it as a bad review, it's more like the current state of affairs. I have used the version of Bixby which is available to the vast majority of S8 owners - and unfortunately it under-delivers. Bixby Voice has potential, but so long as only a minority can use it, it's not the assistant that was promised to S8 owners.

      The problem is that if Bixby Voice continues to have a hampered rollout, it won't gain much traction - especially if it offers nothing new. Cortana on Windows Phone had amazing potential, but Microsoft couldn't get the rollout to other markets right and now the assistant has been relegated to being seen as computer-only.

      I was extremely excited about the prospect of Bixby, but its implementation is lacking. Like I've said in my conclusion, it's too early to write off the AI assistant. But Samsung needs to really start moving if it wants Bixby to compete. They're planning a new smart speaker, which is a start. But again, if only a minority can use it, it's not going to gain the traction it needs.

  6. Johnny Samsung
    July 12, 2017 at 8:55 am

    I have remapped the button to Google now cards. I don't or never will use bixby and I wish Samsung would stop trying to disable my choice of action on the button. It's my phone that I paid for.

    • Megan Ellis
      July 12, 2017 at 1:05 pm

      I understand why they wanted to reserve the button, but they can't blame users for getting tired of waiting. Preventing remapping also goes against the concept of user choice, but it's particularly frustrating when they're restricting user choice while offering an incomplete product.