Google’s New Android App Can Help You Save Data

Ben Stegner 06-12-2017

Unless you have an unlimited plan (which is expensive), using less data is a concern 8 Useful Tips to Reduce Mobile Data Usage and Save Money Want to get the most out of your mobile data plan? These apps and tricks can help you squeeze out every last megabyte. Read More for many Android users. Most of the enjoyable tasks you do with your phone all suck up data and can cost you dearly if you’re not careful.


To this end, Google has just released a new Android app called Datally. It’s a user-friendly tool for controlling your data usage, and everyone on limited data plans can benefit from it.

Start by downloading the app from Google Play, then pop it open. Accept the terms of service, then you’ll have to give the app permission to several elements of your phone so it can work properly. Once that’s done, you’ll see Datally’s main screen:

Google's New Android App Can Help You Save Data Datally Save Android Data

This shows how much data you’ve used today so far, and gives you access to a few useful tools. Tap Set up Data Saver to start blocking apps. You’ll have to give the app permission to use a VPN so it can block properly. This will unfortunately prevent other VPNs you may use from working on your phone.

Tap the Manage data button to see how much data you’ve used today, in the current week, or over the past month. Scroll down, and you’ll see what apps have used the most data. You can tap the Lock icon next to an app to prevent it from using mobile data if it’s using too much. Turning on Data Saver will select some apps here for you, so use this menu to fine-tune it.


The Find Wi-Fi feature will locate nearby open Wi-Fi networks near you. This is useful if you need to use a large amount of data and don’t want to do so on your mobile connection. But don’t forget that connecting to public Wi-Fi is dangerous 3 Dangers Of Logging On To Public Wi-Fi You've heard that you shouldn't open PayPal, your bank account and possibly even your email while using public WiFi. But what are the actual risks? Read More .

Finally, after you use the app for a while, you’ll see personalized highlights at the bottom of the main screen. The app will also show a bubble with your real-time data use, which you can tap to toggle control on the fly.

Most of these features are available elsewhere in Android. But this app makes it easy for anyone to manage their data, and does so in an aesthetically pleasant way. If this app isn’t enough for you, check out other Android apps that will help you save data 4 Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Internet Data Usage with Android Apps You can reduce your mobile data usage without doing anything differently on your Android device -- just use these apps! Read More .

Do you have trouble with using mobile data? What apps have you blocked from using data? Tell us if you find this app useful in the comments!

Image Credit: ra2studio/Depositphotos

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  1. bob
    December 7, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    The app installs a VPN, so if you are using a VPN for privacy you cannot use the app.

    • Ben Stegner
      December 7, 2017 at 5:56 pm

      Yes, I mentioned this. It's a shame that's a restriction.

  2. Maja
    December 7, 2017 at 10:01 am

    Yes, but what if on the tracking cell phone GPS is off, or it's not on the internet?! How to locate that cell phone?! I found very simple, free app which locates cell phone depending which source is available! If GPS is off, it's uses WiFi or if it's offline uses cell tower...awesome app, if cell is not on the internet you will receive SMS text with location data...

    It's on Amazon app store and try search "offline locations" or "without GPS". askLocation is the name off app!

  3. Greg Long
    December 6, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    It refuses to load on older devices such as my Samsung S4