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Use Gogobot To Capture, Share & Plan Your Travels

Dave LeClair 26-10-2011

gogobot reviewWhen you go on a trip, there are certain things you always need to take with you. Things like underwear, socks, toothpaste and deodorant are necessary if your trip is to be a success. Gogobot hopes that their new iPhone application, along with their website will be another addition. After all, knowing what you are going to do on a trip is just as important as making sure you have all the right stuff. What good is having a comfortable pair of underwear if you don’t know what kind of fun activities you’re going to do in them?


Gogobot is your complete travel companion. It is like having your own travel agent who is available 24/7. Their website allows you to seek advice from other members and plan out a complete trip. Their iPhone app allows you to make virtual postcards from anywhere in the world and view the trip you made on the computer. No matter what you are looking for in terms of traveling, Gogobot can oblige.


You can create an account in any number of ways with Gogobot. First, you can sign up through the iPhone application via Facebook, or by creating an account using your email address. If you would rather sign up through the website, you can use a Twitter, Facebook or email account.

Creating A Trip

To create a trip simply click the button towards the top of the screen called “Create a Trip Plan” and type in the location of your choosing. Once you select a location, you will see a new page with some of the more popular destinations in the location you just chose. If you see a place you like, simply click “add to trip.”

gogobot review

The site also has a search box that allows you to find places that are not listed on the recommended page. If a place you are looking for is not listed, fear not, because you can easily create a new place right from the website. Simply type in the name and click on the option to create a new place. The site will ask for some information about the place you are trying to create and then you will be all done.


share travel plans

Other people will be able to add this place to their trips as well.

While creating a trip if you cannot decide what to do or you have a question, you can jump right into the next great feature of the site called…

Get Advice

Gogobot is like a traveling social network, and a huge part of social networking is getting advice and recommendations from others. On Gogobot, you can pose a question about pretty much anything and about any place. Simply click the get advice tab at any time to ask a question. Enter the location where you need advice  and your question. You can choose to share your question with other social networks, or just put it on Gogobot.


share travel plans

You can also answer questions on Gogobot. If you look at a place and see an interesting question that you know the answer to, click the “Add a Comment Instead” button and enter your answer. If you have something in particular to recommend click the “Add Recommendation” button.

share travel plans


Gogobot also offers user reviews. Users can rate a place 1-5 stars and leave a brief write-up on their experience.


share travel experience

Of course, you can also leave reviews on a place. Simply go to the page of a location and click the big green “Write a Review” button. A box will pop up asking you for a score of the place and brief description of your experience.

iPhone App

As I mentioned in the beginning, Gogobot also has an iPhone application that is designed to expand on the experience of the website. To get the app, head over to the App store and download it.

share travel experience


The application allows you to view the trips you’ve created on the computer. This way, while you are actually out on the trip, you can check all the things you planned to do.

The iPhone app also allows you to create and share custom postcards. Simply search for the place under the create tab and click on the name. The application will automatically bring up your iPhone camera for you to snap a picture that will be your postcard.

gogobot review

After you take the picture, you can choose from a number of effects to make your postcard pop. Click next and you can choose to rate the place, add it to the Gogobot gallery and share it on any of your linked social networks.


Gogobot is a great website and application that meets all of your travel and social networking needs. It allows you to seek advice from other travelers and completely plan your trip. With the addition of their new iPhone app, you can take your entire trip with you so you never miss a beat.

Have you tried traveling with Gogobot? Did you find any cool places? Let us know in the comments.

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