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GoAnimate is an online cartoon animator that allows you to create cartoons featuring some of your favorite toon characters and stars from TV. You can also create you own characters to insert yourself and your family and friends into your clip. This online cartoon animator is really easy to use with everything displayed neatly on a fully clickable window.

cartoon animator online

You start off by selecting a theme. For example I selected Star Wars. Then, in the tool panel on the left you can change your scene, insert characters, objects and speech bubbles. Everything you insert into the scene can be resized by simply dragging its corner. This allows you to add depth to your cartoons by making far away objects small and close objects big unlike other 2D animators.

cartoon animator

The menu bar shown the left of the scene interface where you create the cartoon has all of the objects, effects, speech bubbles and scenes you could ever want. The effect such as “˜Zoom’ and a big theatre curtain opening are good and add that extra something to the cartoon.

GoAnimate: Cool Cartoon Animator Online goanimateoptions thumb

By clicking on an object or person you bring up a menu which allows you to choose what they are doing or where they are going. As you can see in my Star Wars party above I have people sitting, standing, dancing and fighting. There are over a dozen options for all objects such as to walk, hit, and sleep. By compiling all of these together you can make a short cartoon.

The service is mostly free however you do have to pay some premium services by using GoBucks which can be bought using PayPal. These premium services are minimal such as inserting a special character into a scene – you can easily do without them.

Go animate is a great animation tool that’s quite addicting mainly because you can actually make good quality cartoons that wouldn’t look out of place on a home-grown amateur animation series; not just small 2D clips.


Check out GoAnimate @ www.GoAnimate.com (by DeanSherwin)

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