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The Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Joel Lee 17-03-2018

Mouse clicks are extremely inefficient, which is why the first thing every Gmail pro learns is how to manage everything using only the keyboard. When these Gmail keyboard shortcuts become second nature, your productivity will skyrocket. And the best part is, there aren’t that many you need to know!


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Keyboard ShortcutDescription
Quick Navigation
G, then AGo to All Mail
G, then CGo to Contacts
G, then DGo to Drafts
G, then IGo to Inbox
G, then KGo to Tasks
G, then SGo to Starred Conversations
G, then TGo to Sent Messages
G, then LGo to label...
Reading Messages
AReply all
MMute conversation
NNext message in open conversation
PPrevious message in open conversation
SToggle star
XSelect conversation
ZUndo last action
CommaMove focus to toolbar
!Report as spam
-Mark as not important
=Mark as important
[Archive conversation and go to previous message
]Archive conversation and go to next message
;Expand entire conversation
:Collapse entire conversation
Shift + AReply all in a new window
Shift + FForward in a new window
Shift + IMark as read
Shift + NUpdate conversation
Shift + RReply in a new window
Shift + TAdd conversation to Tasks
Shift + UMark as unread
CCompose message
Ctrl + KInsert a link
Ctrl + MOpen spelling suggestions
Ctrl + EnterSend
Shift + Ctrl + BAdd BCC recipients
Shift + Ctrl + CAdd CC recipients
Ctrl + BBold
Ctrl + IItalics
Ctrl + UUnderline
Ctrl + [Indent less
Ctrl + ]Indent more
Ctrl + \Remove formatting
Shift + Ctrl + 7Numbered list
Shift + Ctrl + 8Bulleted list
Shift + Ctrl + 9Quote
Shift + Ctrl + EAlign center
Shift + Ctrl + LAlign left
Shift + Ctrl + RAlign right

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