GlobalFloodMap: Interactive Sea Level Rise Map

Israel Nicolas 19-12-2009

GlobalFloodMap is an interactive sea level rise map that displays predicted flooded areas due to rising sea levels. Based on Google Maps, this tool tells us how the world is expected to look like if global sea levels continues to rise.


sea level rise map

To use the map, input the number of inches for sea level rise. For every inch, you will get a list of flooded places as well as the number of people expected to be displaced. View markers over towns and cities to see whether they will be flooded or not. You can also select and zoom-in on each individual country to understand how they will be affected by rising sea levels.

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Global Flood Map is a timely resource and educational tool to illustrate the effects of climate change.


  • Enter the number of inches of sea level rise to see flooded areas on the map.
  • Use the search function to find your city.
  • Left sidebar displays the flooded places and the expected number of people flooded.
  • Based on Google Maps.
  • Links available for information on each individual country.

Check out GlobalFloodMap @ [No Longer Available]

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