Give Adobe Reader a Dark Theme for Easier PDF Reading
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You can do a whole lot with PDFs; they’re such a common format that you probably work with PDF files pretty regularly. From making sure a document looks right on different operating systems to preserving an important contract that you don’t want changed, PDFs are useful.

However, most PDFs contain black text on a white background, which makes for a blazing light when you’re trying to read at night — perhaps if you have textbooks in PDF and are up studying late. If Adobe Reader is your PDF viewer of choice, here’s how to invert the colors for an experience that’s easier on your eyes.

Open Adobe Reader and head to Edit > Preferences. Choose the Accessibility category and look for the Document Colors Options header. Here, you’ll want to use the Replace Document Colors check box, then choose to Use High-Contrast colors. Finally, the color combination you want to select is White text on black (in the drop-down box), because this is easiest on the eyes.

Click OK and jump out of the Preferences window, and you should find that your PDF is darker! Note that this only affects text, not images and other content, so it might be tough for you to see some items on the page after the switch.

Next time you open a PDF and don’t want it to be dark, just open up Edit > Preferences like before and uncheck the Replace Document Colors check box to remove the setting.

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    July 24, 2016 at 3:11 am

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