GistBox: An Web App To Organize Code Snippets

MOin 17-05-2013

If you are a web developer or any kind of computer programmer, there must be code snippets that you find yourself using frequently. Even when you change your machine and are using somebody else’s computer to program, you still require these code snippets to work effectively and efficiently.


While you can easily carry these code snippets around in a USB flash drive, an easier and more convenient technique is offered by the web application called GistBox.

organize code snippets

GistBox is a free to use web application that helps developers store their code snippets in a beautifully organized way. You start using this web service by first logging into it using your GitHub account. Once this is done, you are able to begin creating new code snippets. While writing a code snippet, you can add a description and name for the snippet. Along with the actual code, you can specify which language the code is in – the language selection helps appropriate syntax highlighting when you are later viewing the code.

You can create various labels on your dashboard to keep your snippets organized. Although you can create labels any way you want, the best way would perhaps be to create language-specific labels as in the image below.



When you click on a code snippet, its contents are shown in the right most pane of the application with options to copy the code or share it with friends.

GistBox: An Web App To Organize Code Snippets gistbox2


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