GiftAStranger: Make A Stranger Happy By Sending A Gift

MOin 06-01-2011

Has somebody ever been randomly kind to you? Remember how happy that made you feel?  Now thanks to Gift A Stranger, you can share that same feeling with others. Gift A Stranger is a free to use website that helps you make a stranger happy by sending a gift to a random address that is selected from Google Maps. You fill out your name and the details of the gift you will be sending. A random address is then selected and its satellite view is displayed.


make a stranger happy

gift stranger

You can decide on the selected address or do another search to pick a new address. When you find an address you are happy with, click OK and print out the address.

GiftAStranger: Make A Stranger Happy By Sending A Gift  gift a stranger2

Just send your gift to the stranger living at that random address and make him/her happy.


Your stranger’s address will be marked by a blue balloon on the map. All addresses picked through Gift A Stranger are indicated by a blue balloon. Click on any balloon to see what others are getting.

GiftAStranger: Make A Stranger Happy By Sending A Gift  gift a stranger3


  • Gift a stranger.
  • Lets you pick a random address from Google Maps.
  • Lets you see what other people are sending to random addresses.
  • Helps perform a random act of kindness and spread joy.

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  1. Jdbaum
    February 24, 2011 at 4:55 am

    Is it just me, or would it be really creepy to get a random package in the mail? I don't think I'd even open it.