8 Great Gift Ideas for Netflix Addicts

Philip Bates 23-11-2016

The popularity of Netflix continues to increase, helped along by the raft of original dramas 13 New Netflix Originals You'll Be Watching in 2016 Netflix has released a lot of original content -- including House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Narcos, and Master of None -- but 2016 is slated to be Netflix's most exciting year yet. Read More made for the streaming service.


While it’s fantastic to have a great selection of documentaries The 12 Best Netflix Documentaries of 2016 Hundreds of documentaries are added to Netflix every year. So, to save you the trouble of sorting the wheat from the chaff, here are the best Netflix documentaries of 2016. Read More , films, and TV shows at your fingertips 5 Ways to Find Good Movies or TV Shows to Watch Next on Netflix Netflix knows exactly what you want to watch, but its recommendations section isn't always helpful. Get fantastic recommendations with these apps and sites on what to watch next. Read More , it does limit gift ideas: sure, there’s still big business in DVDs and Blu-rays, but why would you bother buying the James Bond movies in a set when they’ll just be available on Netflix for the foreseeable future?

Fortunately, you can still find some great gifts for even the most obsessive binge-watchers.

1. 1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You Die (UK)

It’s difficult to dispute the quality of Netflix, but you can spend hours sifting through rubbish series 5 Tools To Super-Power Your Netflix Viewing Experience I have to admit that I am a huge Netflix fan. I mean, I like Hulu and Amazon for my instant movies as well, but there's something about the convenience of streaming Netflix quickly and... Read More no one has ever heard of just to find the diamond in the rough. You need recommendations. You need a checklist of quintessential shows. That’s where this 960-page book comes in.

The range has been popular for a while now (despite their acting as a reminder of our mortality Does the Database of the Dead Put Your Life & Health in Context? Do you think about your life deeply? A new interactive helps you examine this in some context with the “Database of the Dead”. Explore interesting facts found in the official U.S. death records. Read More ), with further releases including songs you’ve got to hear, natural wonders to see, and comics you need to read. It’s a solid formula, certain to please its recipient when they unwrap this chunky tome and spend a fair chunk of each day flicking through it.

1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You Die 1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You Die Buy Now On Amazon $27.26


This particular book was updated last year, and features a foreword by Steven Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who and Sherlock, so he definitely knows his stuff!

Not all of the shows listed will be on Netflix, but a good chunk are bound to be available.

2. 101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up (UK)

This is a neat twist on the format, appealing instead to the children and the young at heart. A solid dose of storytelling makes a change from angst-ridden films.

Kids seem to invest more in stories because that’s how they understand the world — if you’re lucky, that same sense of wonder stays with you beyond puberty. Who doesn’t enjoy a good Disney film The Tomorrowland Movie Review for Geeks... Disney's Dour Destiny Are you an optimist, or a pessimist? That's the question at the heart of this Disney film. Is Tomorrowland worth watching? Read our spoiler-free review for geeks below to find out. Read More anyway?


101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up: Be your own movie critic--the must-see movie list for kids (101 Things) 101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up: Be your own movie critic--the must-see movie list for kids (101 Things) Buy Now On Amazon $10.65

101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up‘s colorful, infographic-esque design The 5 Best Free Tools to Make Infographics Online If you want to make an infographic but don't have the design skills, here are the best free tools for making infographics online. Read More help make this an addictive and enjoyable read. Despite its recommended age rating of 8–12, adults will still love reminiscing about The Lion King, Dead Poets Society, and It’s A Wonderful Life — and are likely to discover new gems, like The Princess and the Frog, Wreck-It-Ralph, and Whale Rider.

3. The Stranger Things Soundtrack (UK)

If you’re working or trying to relax, listening to music can help The Most Relaxing Songs of All Time, According to Science "The Most Relaxing Tune Ever" is actually a thing, and scientists have determined a Top 10 list of relaxing songs. It's about time we revisited some of those more tranquilizing numbers. Read More . Singing along to lyrics isn’t always ideal, so now and then, it’s great to indulge in a wonderful score.

Many people don’t really notice soundtracks, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, they are supposed to aid your experience, driving home the action on screen, not detracting from it. But it all logs in your subconscious. Music from the likes of Star WarsJurassic Park, and Home Alone will all be surprisingly easy to recognize.


One of the things that was immediately praised about the hit Netflix original, Stranger Things was its soundtrack. Its reception was so positive that this release was out just three months after the series premiered. Available as a download, on CD, and (if the recipient is particularly nostalgic 5 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Better Than Digital for Music Lovers Digital music may be more convenient, but there are still plenty of reasons to listen to vinyl records. Read More for the era of the show’s setting) vinyl, the 36-track title by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein features a great deal of the background music, perfect for fans of the synthesized sounds of the 1980s. Volume Two is also available.

Stranger Things, Vol. 1 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) Stranger Things, Vol. 1 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) Buy Now On Amazon $13.80

4. Dinner Tray

Binge-watching is insanely popular The Pros and Cons of Binge-Watching Television With streaming services so popular, most people now binge-watch TV shows. Learn more about the pros and cons of binge-watching. Read More due to streaming services. We actively encourage you to get up once in a while and wander around, but let’s face it, making dinner is enough exercise for most of us on a lazy weekend.

Obviously, a breakfast or dinner tray has lots of uses beyond an accompaniment for Netflix, but purchasing one for someone obsessed with Luke Cage, The Crown, and House of Cards pretty much guarantees they’ll be spending meal times in front of the television.


Naturally, there’s a wide selection of trays available, but we recommend ones with handles and a memory foam bottom, or failing that, a bean bag underside.

Extra Deep Rectangle Serving Tray with Handles, White, Plastic – 18” x 12 ¼” Extra Deep Rectangle Serving Tray with Handles, White, Plastic – 18” x 12 ¼” Buy Now On Amazon

When they’re not eating and drinking from it, users can always rest their laptops or tablets on the tray too, which is great for work, leisure, or watching Netflix when someone else is using the main TV!

5. Noise-Cancelling Headphones (UK [Broken URL Removed])

Watching Netflix on the go The Ultimate Netflix Guide: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Netflix This guide offers everything you need to know about using Netflix. Whether you're a new subscriber or an established fan of the best streaming service out there. Read More is getting increasingly simple. Even the worry of using up too much cellular data has been lessened as the service now gives Android and iOS users control over the streaming quality of the content they consume.

But you don’t always want others watching with you. No one wants to be that guy who plays something a bit too loud while on the bus.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones, Wired Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones, Wired Buy Now On Amazon $97.00

As it’s a gift, you might be a bit intimidated about getting some noise-cancelling headphones. They’re certainly not a Secret Santa present, but make a great treat for a family member or close friend. You’ve probably heard a lot about brands like Beats by Dr Dre. Fortunately, there are more affordable alternatives The 6 Best Cheap Noise-Canceling Headphones That Are Affordable Here are the best cheap noise-canceling headphones you can buy at a decent price. Perfect for students! Read More that still give you fantastic quality.

Noise-cancelling earbuds are generally cheaper, but be warned: not everyone’s suited for them.

6. Indefensible by Michael Griesbach (UK)

One of the biggest hits Netflix has had so far is Making a Murderer, a 10-part series that premiered on Netflix in December 2015. Based on true events, it documented the case of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin resident who was wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years for the rape and attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen. Two years after his exoneration, however, he was arrested for the murder of photographer, Teresa Halbach.

Filmed over the course of a whole decade, Making a Murderer was universally praised, and resulted in more than 500,000 signatures on an unsuccessful petition to the White House to get Avery pardoned.

Wisconsin prosecutor Michael Griesbach has authored two books about Avery. While The Innocent Killer serves as a solid background to the case, his latest hardcover, Indefensible offers insights further to what was covered in Making a Murderer. Both works are highly divisive and some say Griesbach is trying to profit from a tragedy. But sometimes, you need an uncomfortable read, and Netflix addicts should certainly appreciate a different perspective on events.

Indefensible: The Missing Truth about Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach, and Making a Murderer Indefensible: The Missing Truth about Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach, and Making a Murderer Buy Now On Amazon $9.40

7. Google Chromecast Ultra

If you don’t know anything about the Google Chromecast Ultra Is the New Chromecast Ultra Really Worth Buying? The Chromecast Ultra is a brand new Chromecast offering support for 4K video and more besides. But is it worth buying? Find out everything you need to know about the Chromecast Ultra. Read More , it’s a compact addition to an HDMI port that lets you stream 4K Ultra HD definition What's the Difference Between 4K and Ultra HD (UHD)? Thinking of buying a new TV or monitor but confused by the differences between 4K vs. UHD? Here's what you need to know. Read More series and movies through a number of services, including Netflix. The circular unit automatically optimizes the definition of whatever you’re watching to the best quality your TV can deliver.

The Ultra will enhance the Netflix experience as the majority of their original content is available in 4K What Can You Actually Watch On a 4k TV? 4K TVs were definitely a hot gift this past Christmas—but what can you actually watch on one? Read More — the Chromecast also complements services like TED Discover, Download, and Watch the Best of TED Whether it's about passing the time, broadening your horizons, or keeping up with your favorite topics, TED's library of videos is an invaluable tool for anyone who has access to a decent Internet connection. With... Read More , YouTube, and NOW TV.

Again, this is a high-end gift, so if it’s for a member of your nuclear family, you’ll likely benefit from this little present too. Still, if you know the recipient only has an HDTV and doesn’t intend upgrading, the Chromecast 2 is cheaper Google Chromecast Review and Giveaway We're giving away a Google Chromecast, so read through our review, then join the competition to win! Read More and will do pretty much the same thing.

8. Daredevil on Blu-ray (UK)

There are some things you simply need a physical copy of.

Netflix has chosen a couple of its Marvel exclusives to release on Blu-ray, DVD, and steelbook — because comic book fans are nothing if not passionate 4 Reasons to Stop Buying Digital Comics Comic book publishers are changing their businesses to make the most of what will come to be known as the Geek Age. However, the move into digital comics isn't necessarily a good thing. Read More . Everyone knows how successful the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, but some were surprised by the incredible quality of the three shows so far, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. The former two will both be available on physical media by Christmas.

Daredevil: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] Daredevil: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] Buy Now On Amazon $48.00

If you have to choose just one, go for the universally-praised Daredevil, the story of a lawyer-by-day, vigilante-by-night, blinded as a child but his other senses heightened. It’s got a fantastic cast, superb writing, and looks beautiful. Sadly, the special features are lacking. Nonetheless, there are a few shows people really need to experience on Blu-ray.

And once hooked, the receiver can move onto Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix.

If All Else Fails

With Christmas, birthdays, and even anniversaries all demanding you buy gifts, finding original gifts to buy someone who gets all their entertainment from streaming services can get rather tricky, but there is always the humble gift card.

While we wouldn’t recommend giving your nearest and dearest a Netflix gift card unless you’ve completely run out of ideas, they might serve as solid stocking fillers.

What further gift ideas do you have for Netflix addicts? Please let us, and your fellow MakeUseOf readers, know in the comments below!

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