GifGear: Create Gif Animations Online In Few Simple Steps

Hammad 03-01-2012

GifGear is a useful online tool that allows users to create animations. The best thing about this service is that it does not require users to install any third-party software.


create gif animations online

GifGear not only allows animations to be created, but the user is also given the opportunity and features to apply effects to it and even select the size of the animation and the delay of it.

Animations can be created in a few easy steps. The very first and most vital step is that the user is required to insert frames for the animation, which can be done through an online link or uploaded from the PC.

Once done, the size of the animation can be selected along with the delay. Just click the “Done” button to get the final output, which can be downloaded to your PC.



Check out GifGear @ [No Longer Available]

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