GIF Sound: Create Funny Video Mashups By Combining Animated GIFs & Sound From YouTube
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If you found a funny animated GIF picture while surfing the web and wish you could combine it with some music for fun, check out GIF Sound. It lets you combine an animated GIF file with a sound from YouTube and instantly view the combined mashup. You don’t have to download any software or even upload files. Simply enter a URL of an animated GIF and YouTube URL of the sound clip and press “Combine!”. The provided animated GIF will be combined with the YouTube sound into a video mashup and shown on the page.

You can choose to start playing a YouTube sound from a specific time point in the playback. Simply enter a number in the “seconds” field. So if you enter “10 seconds”, sound will start playing from a 10th second in the playback.

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Check out GIF sound @ [No Longer Available]

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