11 Ghostbuster Websites to Get You in the Mood for Halloween

Sandy Writtenhouse 04-10-2017

Halloween is upon us. When it comes to the paranormal, there are those who believe, urban legend skeptics 5 Websites For The Skeptics On Myths, Urban Legends, & False Beliefs Call them hoaxes, beliefs, gossip, scams, or urban legends…at one time or the other you have come across them. The seekers of the truth head to the grand oracle which goes by the name Google... Read More who do not, and those who are simply unsure.


But if you are someone who has experienced a ghostly encounter or currently believes you have a haunting, there are places you can turn to. With these ghostbusting websites, you can locate help, get information, and report the event.


When you want to find a group of ghostbusters near you, check out This great resource has a directory covering over 4,000 teams across the United States. You can search for one nearby by city, state, keyword, society name, or society acronym.

paranormal societies

Once you find a group near you, you can get contact details, specialties, areas serviced, the year founded, links to websites, and more. If you would like to contact directly, just click the Haunting Assistance link at the top and fill out the form.

2. Paranormal Teams Directory

Another source for paranormal groups is the Paranormal Teams Directory. This one offers listings for ghost investigators around the world as well as tons of helpful information. Each listing displays contact information for the group, a brief description of their services, and a link to their website.


paranormal teams directory

You can head to the Knowledgebase from the top and look at the blog, community, forum, and events. Access the resource directory, check featured listings, view haunted locations 4 Great Websites to Find Abandoned Places & Old Ghost Towns Read More , and contact them via phone or email.

3. TnT Paranormal Investigators

With five chapters in states like Florida, Illinois, and Missouri, TnT Paranormal Investigators offers assistance to those with questions or requiring an investigation. Click Contact Us and fill out the form to receive more information. You can also view individual chapter details by selecting More at the top.

tnt paranormal investigators


The website offers photo, video, and audio data for you to explore. These items were captured during previous investigations. You can also take a look at additional resources such as sites for famous hauntings, other groups, and related partners.

4. Route 66 Paranormal Investigators

With a team of engineers and experts in audio, video, and forensics, Route 66 Paranormal Investigators might be the group to help you. They work to investigate and document paranormal activity as well as educate and assist those who live with a haunting.

route 66 paranormal investigators

They travel across the country to investigate sites, are insured and bonded, and offer years of experience. The Homepage has an email address for you to contact at the bottom of the founder’s biography.


5. The Searcher Group

For those living in the Ontario, Canada area, The Searchers Group website is the place you need to visit. They provide support and investigations for free to determine if a true haunting is present and how to resolve it.

the searcher group

Click Contact The Searcher Group to seek help or ask questions using the form. Established in 1979, they work with The Canadian Institute of Parapsychology and provide details and visuals on previous investigations. You can also check out their blog for articles and additional photos.

6. Northern Paranormal Investigations (NPI)

Another team of ghostbusters located in Canada is Northern Paranormal Investigations. The group was established in 2010. This group mainly services Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver, and Fraser Valley, but you can still contact them if you live outside those areas. Click the Contact link at the left to obtain their phone numbers and email address.


northern paranormal investigations

You can also visit the group’s blog, review previous investigations, check out the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) section, and look at both photo and video evidence of paranormal activity. Team members have biographies you can review.

7. Free Spirit Paranormal Investigators (FSPI)

Free Spirit Paranormal Investigators is on a mission to investigate and educate. Started in 2007, the group uses science, technology, and logic in their investigations.

free spirit paranormal investigators

You can email them directly by scrolling to the bottom of the Home page for contact details. Most investigations are in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. While on their website, you can review information on equipment, cases, and evidence to further educate yourself.

8. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS)

The Atlantic Paranormal Society is probably one of the most well-known paranormal resources. Founded in 1990, the team can be seen on the SYFY channel show Ghost Hunters. But they are not just stars of the show — they are experienced investigators of paranormal activities.

the atlantic paranormal society

The website is under construction as I write this article, so contacting the team is limited if possible. In the meantime, you can still take a look at helpful articles like understanding your haunting or review audio and video TAPS evidence.

9. Paranormal Experience Registry

If you know for a fact that you have experienced a paranormal event, you can help further research by reporting it to the Paranormal Experience Registry. This service is provided by the Institute for the Study of Religious and Anomalous Experience.

paranormal experience registry

You can also participle in a research study called The QPH. The purpose of the study is to research hauntings and haunting experiences. Just click New Study: QPH from the top to begin.

10. GhostStop

If you are ready to take on the paranormal on your own (not advised), check out this article How To Become a Paranormal Investigator [Best Sites] Read More . Then, head to GhostStop, your one-stop shop for equipment. Built by paranormal investigators, this online store offers EVP recorders, night vision and full spectrum products, ghost hunting kits, and more.


GhostStop also offers discounts, pre-owned equipment, and even resources like Ghost Hunting Equipment 101. See what you need, get tips, and learn more about investigating Ghost Hunting With An iPhone: Who You Gonna Call? Did you know several of the tools that ghost rely on already exist on your smartphone? Read More the paranormal.

11. GhostStop Investigations [Broken URL Removed] (GSI)

The team behind GhostStop also does investigations, although mainly in Florida. But, if you are in dire need of help, you can visit GhostStop Investigations and click the Request Investigation link at the top to complete the form.

ghoststop investigations

You can read biographies of the team members and specialists are available on call. And if you are ready to join the team, you can fill out an application by clicking The Team from the top and selecting Join The Team.

Tell Us About Your Paranormal Experience

These are terrific resources for helping you with your paranormal experience Is Your House or Neighborhood Haunted? Find Out With This Website Before you buy your next piece of real estate, you may want to double-check to see if it's haunted -- and this website can help you with that. Read More . Whether you need a team to investigate or just want to explore more details on your own, you now know where to go.

Since most would prefer not to divulge that they have contacted a paranormal investigator, we won’t ask that question.

But if you have experienced an activity that you cannot explain and believe it may be the work of something in the paranormal realm, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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